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Jonathan Adam

Great Britain
Date of birth:September 4, 1984 (29 y/o)
Place of birth:Kirkaldy, Scotland
Races entered:179
Pole positions:50
Fastest laps:48
Race win percentage:24.02%
(the above statistics are a summary of the data currently available on the Career details page.)

Racing career highlights

British SEAT Cupra champion 2008.
British SEAT Cupra champion 2007.
Third in SEAT Cupra Great Britain 2006.
British Clio Cup champion 2005.
Third in Renault Clio Cup Great Britain 2004.
British Clio Cup Winter Series champion 2004.
Third in Formula Ford Zetec Scotland 2003.

Racing career summary

The following numbers are a summary of the more detailed information available in the Career details. Seasons spanning over two years (for example 2009-10 championships) have their race results accounted for in the year the championship ends (2010 in the previous example).

2014 1 race. 0 wins. 0 podiums. 0 pole positions. 0 fastest race laps.
2013 15 races. 1 win. 4 podiums. 0 pole positions. 0 fastest race laps.
2012 12 races. 1 win. 3 podiums. 0 pole positions. 3 fastest race laps.
2011 7 races. 1 win. 3 podiums. 0 pole positions. 0 fastest race laps.
2010 3 races. 1 win. 1 podium. 1 pole position. 2 fastest race laps.
2009 31 races. 0 wins. 2 podiums. 0 pole positions. 1 fastest race lap.
2008 22 races. 10 wins. 16 podiums. 12 pole positions. 8 fastest race laps.
2007 20 races. 9 wins. 17 podiums. 10 pole positions. 9 fastest race laps.
2006 18 races. 2 wins. 10 podiums. 2 pole positions. 3 fastest race laps.
2005 20 races. 11 wins. 17 podiums. 15 pole positions. 14 fastest race laps.
2004 24 races. 7 wins. 18 podiums. 10 pole positions. 8 fastest race laps.
2003 6 races. 2 wins. 0 podiums. 0 pole positions. 0 fastest race laps.
2001 Karting. Race statistics not covered by Driver Database.

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