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Flag of Germany Florian Strigens

nationality German age 29 years old born May 21, 1984 hometown Pecs, Hungary

Career summary

Helmet of Florian Strigens
Races entered
Pole positions
Fastest laps
Race win percentage0%
Podium percentage0%

Karting highlights

19991stJvO Kartserie - 125

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Career overview – years in numbers

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2000Karting. Detailed race statistics not covered by Driver Database.
1999Karting. Detailed race statistics not covered by Driver Database.

Career details – the racing career of Florian Strigens

Karting details – the karting career of Florian Strigens

200022ndEuropean Championship - ICC
12thWorld Championship Formula C
Pro Kart Racing Team
Kart: Firstkart / Pavesi
19991stJvO Kartserie - 125
Pförtner Kartracing
Kart: Mike Wilson (Pavesi)
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