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20 driver pages have been viewed by this IP address this month. There's a small fee to view more. You can either unlock one day's worth of viewing for this IP address or register a user account and unlock a full year.


Plan:Price:Unlocks extra tools:
Unlock one day for this IP address20 SEK (approx. €2/$2.5)
Unlock user account 12 months95 SEK (approx. €10/$11)Driver tracker

Price excluding VAT. Country specific VAT will be added for citizens of the European Union.

Unlocking an IP address unlocks only the IP address you are currently using, if you have a dynamic IP address it is much better to register an account and unlock it as that works regardless of IP addresses.

You can pay with your credit card or with Paypal. All transactions are handled securely by Braintree and no credit card information is handled by the Driver Database servers.

If you wish to unlock a static IP address for a longer period of time get in touch with

Refund policy

We do not provide refunds, but if you are having problems with your unlocked account or IP address send us an email to and we'll try to sort it out to the best of our ability.
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