Video: Why Charles Leclerc is finding F1 harder in an easier Ferrari
Wed 17, Apr, 2024
Source: The Race

Despite being one of the series’ top drivers, Charles Leclerc is finding F1 harder in what is an easier Ferrari car, and his main weakness right now is something that has been one of his biggest strengths over his career so far.

What’s happening to the five-time race winner is the subject of this video with Ben Anderson, Scott Mitchell and Edd Straw.

Leclerc’s 2024 struggle in qualifying - despite his previous tally of 23 poles - is a key area of deficit to Carlos Sainz, who has already won a race this year and is second in the championship, despite being axed for Lewis Hamilton in 2025.

Also discussed is how Sainz has gained that particular edge over Leclerc, and if Ferrari has made a mistake going in a different direction next year with Hamilton.