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FIA Super Licence eligibility for 2016

Modifications have been made to the rules regarding the qualification for the Super Licence required to race in Formula 1 for the 2016 season.

In order to qualify for the Super Licence the driver needs to be a holder of a current FIA International Grade A licence, a holder of a valid driving licence and be at least 18 years old at the start of the event of his first F1 race weekend.

The F1 team concerned need to show that the applicant has driven at least 300 km in a representative Formula 1 car consistently at racing speeds during a two day period not more than 180 days prior to the application.

If the driver hasn't made at least five F1 race starts the previous year or at least 15 starts within the previous three years he/she must have accumulated at least 40 points during the three-year period preceding the application.

Below are lists of the eligible drivers for the FIA Super Licence if these rules were in place for the 2015 season.

Eligible drivers based on points 2013-2015

1.Flag Sébastien BuemiSwitzerland1988-10-31122
2.Flag Lucas Di GrassiBrazil1984-08-11115
3.Flag Andre LottererGermany1981-11-1981
4.Flag Brendon HartleyNew Zealand1989-11-1076
Flag Timo BernhardGermany1981-02-2476
6.Flag Charles LeclercMonaco1997-10-1675
7.Flag Simon PagenaudFrance1984-05-1870
8.Flag Neel JaniSwitzerland1983-12-0866
Flag Scott DixonNew Zealand1980-07-2266
10.Flag Antonio GiovinazziItaly1993-12-1465
11.Flag Kazuki NakajimaJapan1985-01-1163
Flag Oliver RowlandGreat Britain1992-08-1063
13.Flag Felix RosenqvistSweden1991-11-0760
Flag Sergey SirotkinRussia1995-08-2760
15.Flag Pierre GaslyFrance1996-02-0759
16.Flag Will PowerAustralia1979-03-0158
17.Flag Oliver JarvisGreat Britain1984-01-0956
18.Flag Luca GhiottoItaly1995-02-2454
Flag Josef NewgardenU.S.A.1990-12-2254
20.Flag George RussellGreat Britain1998-02-1551
21.Flag Marc LiebGermany1980-07-0450
Flag Romain DumasFrance1977-12-1450
23.Flag Stoffel VandoorneBelgium1992-03-2648
Flag Nicolas ProstFrance1981-08-1848
Flag Maximilian GüntherGermany1997-07-0248
26.Flag Hiroaki IshiuraJapan1981-04-2346
Flag Mark WebberAustralia1976-08-2746
28.Flag Loïc DuvalFrance1982-06-1245
29.Flag Alexander RossiU.S.A.1991-09-2544
30.Flag Stephane SarrazinFrance1975-11-0243
31.Flag Artem MarkelovRussia1994-09-1042
Flag Mike ConwayGreat Britain1983-08-1942

Eligible drivers based on at least 15 Formula 1 race starts 2013-2015

1.Flag Daniel RicciardoAustralia1989-07-01113
Flag Lewis HamiltonGreat Britain1985-01-07113
3.Flag Sebastian VettelGermany1987-07-03112
Flag Valtteri BottasFinland1989-08-28112
Flag Romain GrosjeanFrance1986-04-17112
6.Flag Nico HülkenbergGermany1987-08-19111
Flag Sergio PérezMexico1990-01-26111
8.Flag Kimi RäikkönenFinland1979-10-17110
9.Flag Fernando AlonsoSpain1981-07-29109
10.Flag Felipe MassaBrazil1981-04-2597
11.Flag Marcus EricssonSweden1990-09-0291
12.Flag Nico RosbergGermany1985-06-2778
Flag Jenson ButtonGreat Britain1980-01-1978
14.Flag Carlos Sainz Jr.Spain1994-09-0175
Flag Max VerstappenNetherlands1997-09-3075
Flag Kevin MagnussenDenmark1992-10-0575
17.Flag Daniil KvyatRussia1994-04-2672
18.Flag Esteban GutiérrezMexico1991-08-0559
19.Flag Pastor MaldonadoVenezuela1985-03-0956
20.Flag Esteban OconFrance1996-09-1744
21.Flag Felipe NasrBrazil1992-08-2139
Flag Pascal WehrleinGermany1994-10-1839
23.Flag Jean-Eric VergneFrance1990-04-2538
Flag Adrian SutilGermany1983-01-1138
25.Flag Lance StrollCanada1998-10-2935
Flag Stoffel VandoorneBelgium1992-03-2635
Flag Max ChiltonGreat Britain1991-04-2135
Flag Jolyon PalmerGreat Britain1991-01-2035
29.Flag Jules BianchiFrance1989-08-0334
30.Flag Pierre GaslyFrance1996-02-0720
Flag Paul Di RestaGreat Britain1986-04-1620
32.Flag Charles PicFrance1990-02-1519
Flag Brendon HartleyNew Zealand1989-11-1019
Flag Giedo van der GardeNetherlands1985-04-2519
Flag Mark WebberAustralia1976-08-2719
36.Flag Will StevensGreat Britain1991-06-2818
37.Flag Sergey SirotkinRussia1995-08-2715
Flag Charles LeclercMonaco1997-10-1615
Flag Kamui KobayashiJapan1986-09-1315

Eligible drivers based on at least 5 Formula 1 race starts in 2015

1.Flag Lewis HamiltonGreat Britain1985-01-0719
Flag Nico RosbergGermany1985-06-2719
Flag Marcus EricssonSweden1990-09-0219
Flag Romain GrosjeanFrance1986-04-1719
Flag Pastor MaldonadoVenezuela1985-03-0919
Flag Carlos Sainz Jr.Spain1994-09-0119
Flag Max VerstappenNetherlands1997-09-3019
Flag Sergio PérezMexico1990-01-2619
Flag Sebastian VettelGermany1987-07-0319
Flag Kimi RäikkönenFinland1979-10-1719
Flag Felipe MassaBrazil1981-04-2519
Flag Daniel RicciardoAustralia1989-07-0119
13.Flag Felipe NasrBrazil1992-08-2118
Flag Nico HülkenbergGermany1987-08-1918
Flag Jenson ButtonGreat Britain1980-01-1918
Flag Fernando AlonsoSpain1981-07-2918
Flag Valtteri BottasFinland1989-08-2818
Flag Daniil KvyatRussia1994-04-2618
19.Flag Will StevensGreat Britain1991-06-2817
20.Flag Roberto MerhiSpain1991-03-2213
21.Flag Alexander RossiU.S.A.1991-09-255

Table of points of the Championships for eligibility

Future F2 Championship4040403020108643
GP2 Series404030201086432
FIA F3 European Championship40302010864321
FIA WEC LMP140302010864321
IndyCar Series40302010864321
Formula Renault 3.5352520151075321
GP3 Series30201510753210
Super Formula25201510753210
FIA WTCC1512107532100
Indy Lights1512107532100
Formula 4 ADAC121075321000
Formula 4 Australia121075321000
Formula 4 China121075321000
Formula 4 Japan121075321000
Formula 4 Italy121075321000
Formula 4 Nacam121075321000
Formula 4 SMP121075321000
Formula 4 Spain121075321000
Formula 4 South East Asia121075321000
Formula 4 UAE121075321000
Formula 4 USA121075321000
MSA Formula121075321000
Formula 3 Australia10753100000
Formula 3 Brazil10753100000
Formula 3 Japan10753100000
Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup5310000000
Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS5310000000
Formula Renault 2.0 NEC5310000000
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