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Driver Ranking – top 100 week 4 2019

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1.Flag Lewis HamiltonFormula 12207.1
2.Flag Sebastian VettelFormula 12136.85
3.Flag Kevin HarvickNASCAR Sprint Cup Series2070.7
4.Flag Kyle BuschNASCAR Sprint Cup Series2067.25
5.Flag Kimi RäikkönenFormula 12062.1
6.Flag Scott McLaughlinSupercars Championship Series2052.35
7.Flag Daniel RicciardoFormula 12029.45
8.Flag Jamie WhincupSupercars Championship Series2024.8
9.Flag Martin Truex Jr.NASCAR Sprint Cup Series2018
10.Flag Brad KeselowskiNASCAR Sprint Cup Series2017.95
11.Flag Valtteri BottasFormula 12012.2
12.Flag Joey LoganoNASCAR Sprint Cup Series2005.45
13.Flag Shane van GisbergenGulf 12 Hours - GT31997.5
14.Flag Chase ElliottNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1995.35
15.Flag Denny HamlinNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1992.25
16.Flag Kyle LarsonNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1990.85
17.Flag Kurt BuschNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1967.95
18.Flag Max VerstappenFormula 11958.25
19.Flag Michael AmmermüllerPorsche Supercup1955.75
20.(+1)Flag Agustín CanapinoUnited Sports Car Championship - Prototype1937.9(+3.9)
21.(-1)Flag Craig LowndesSupercars Championship Series1937.75
22.Flag Chaz MostertUnited Sports Car Championship - GTLM1923.9(-2.1)
23.Flag Matt KensethNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1923.8
24.(+1)Flag Ryan BlaneyNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1923.2
25.(-1)Flag René RastUnited Sports Car Championship - Prototype1923(-1)
26.Flag Fabian CoulthardSupercars Championship Series1917.25
27.(+1)Flag Erik JonesNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1894.15
28.(-1)Flag Christopher HaaseUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1892.95(-1)
29.Flag Laurens VanthoorUnited Sports Car Championship - GTLM1891.9
30.Flag Jimmie JohnsonNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1890.85
31.(+1)Flag Scott DixonUnited Sports Car Championship - GTLM1889.55(+1.5)
32.(-1)Flag Clint BowyerNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1889.15
33.Flag David ReynoldsSupercars Championship Series1884.35
34.Flag Dale Earnhardt Jr.NASCAR Nationwide Series1884.3
35.Flag Kévin EstreFIA World Endurance Championship - LMGTE Pro1883.55
36.Flag Martin RaggingerPorsche Carrera Cup Asia1877.7
37.Flag Colin TurkingtonBritish Touring Car Championship1876.6
38.Flag Mattias EkströmDTM1876.55
39.Flag Yvan MullerWTCR1875.05
40.(+1)Flag Raffaele MarcielloMacau GT Cup1873.15
41.(+1)Flag Nicolas MilanRenault Clio Cup France1872.15
42.(+1)Flag Marco WittmannDTM1869.65
43.(+1)Flag Daniel KeilwitzVLN Endurance - SP91866.6
44.(+2)Flag Christopher MiesUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1866.45(+3.5)
45.Flag Aric AlmirolaNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1864.3
46.(-6)Flag Maximilian BuhkUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1861.8(-12.2)
47.Flag Tom IngramBritish Touring Car Championship1860.35
48.Flag Jamie McMurrayNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1858.5
49.Flag Daniel SuárezNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1857.2
50.(+1)Flag Paul Di RestaAsian Le Mans Series - LMP21856.1
51.(+1)Flag Nico HülkenbergFormula 11855.5
52.(-2)Flag Jan MagnussenUnited Sports Car Championship - GTLM1854.45(-2.5)
53.Flag Sven MüllerUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1854.1
54.Flag Sergio PérezFormula 11851.45
55.(+1)Flag Jean-Eric VergneFormula E Championship1849.45(+1.5)
56.(+1)Flag Fernando AlonsoUnited Sports Car Championship - Prototype1848.7
57.(+12)Flag Mirko BortolottiUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1848.3(+15.3)
58.Flag Facundo ArdussoTurismo Carretera Argentina1846.35
59.(-4)Flag Lucas Di GrassiFormula E Championship1844.55(-6.5)
60.(+1)Flag Daniel SerraUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1843.95(+2)
61.(-2)Flag Sam BirdFormula E Championship1843.35
62.(-2)Flag Austin DillonNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1842.6
63.Flag Adam Christodoulou24H GT Series Championship of the Continents1839.35
64.(-2)Flag José María LópezFormula E Championship1838.05(-4)
65.(-1)Flag Nicki ThiimFIA World Endurance Championship - LMGTE Pro1836.25
66.Flag Philipp EngUnited Sports Car Championship - GTLM1835.05
67.(+1)Flag Lando NorrisGP2 Series1833.9
68.(-1)Flag Helio CastronevesUnited Sports Car Championship - Prototype1832.05(-2)
69.(+1)Flag Ryan NewmanNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1832
70.(+1)Flag Elliott SadlerNASCAR Nationwide Series1830.7
71.(-6)Flag Gary PaffettFormula E Championship1830.5(-5.5)
72.(+1)Flag Paul DumbrellSuper2 Series1830.1
73.(-1)Flag Marcel FässlerUnited Sports Car Championship - GTLM1828.6(-1.4)
74.Flag Felipe MassaFormula E Championship1828.15(-1.8)
75.Flag Josef NewgardenIndyCar Series1827.45
76.Flag Johan KristofferssonScandinavian Touring Car Championship1827.25
77.Flag Thomas PreiningFIA World Endurance Championship - LMGTE Am1826.3
78.Flag Robin FrijnsFormula E Championship1825.3
79.Flag Alessandro BalzanUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1824.35
80.Flag Niall MurrayFormula Ford Festival - Heats/Semi1824.1
81.Flag Felix RosenqvistFormula E Championship1822.95
82.Flag George RussellGP2 Series1822.6
83.(+1)Flag Justin AllgaierNASCAR Nationwide Series1821.75
84.(+2)Flag Sébastien BuemiFormula E Championship1821.65
85.Flag Charles LeclercFormula 11821.05
86.(+15)Flag Kelvin van der LindeUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1820.45(+7.5)
87.(+2)Flag Dino ZamparelliPorsche Carrera Cup Great Britain1820
88.(+11)Flag Christian EngelhartUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1819.8(+4.8)
(+2)Flag Daniel CammishBritish Touring Car Championship1819.8
90.(-3)Flag Mathieu JaminetUnited Sports Car Championship - GTLM1819.7(-1.3)
91.Flag Jenson ButtonFIA World Endurance Championship - LMP11819.65
(-3)Flag Oliver RowlandFormula E Championship1819.65
93.(-1)Flag Robert Renauer24H GT Series Championship of the Continents1818.95
94.(-1)Flag Earl BamberUnited Sports Car Championship - GTLM1818.9
95.(-1)Flag Rick KellySupercars Championship Series1817.7
96.(-13)Flag Dennis OlsenUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1817.5(-5.5)
97.(-2)Flag Bernd Schneider24H GT Series Championship of the Continents1817.15
98.(-2)Flag Ashley SuttonTCR Europe1816.45
99.(-2)Flag Robert WickensIndyCar Series1815.7
100.Flag Matías RossiTurismo Carretera Argentina1814.2
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