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Driver Ranking – top 100 week 6 2018

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1.Flag Lewis HamiltonFormula 12181.85
2.Flag Sebastian VettelFormula 12137
3.Flag Kyle BuschNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash2046.45(-1.5)
4.Flag Kevin HarvickNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash2041.3(-2.7)
5.Flag Kimi RäikkönenFormula 12020.6
6.Flag Martin Truex Jr.NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash2017.45(-1.5)
7.Flag Jamie WhincupBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Pro2010.05
8.Flag Brad KeselowskiNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash2006.8(+3.8)
9.Flag Denny HamlinNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash1999.95
10.Flag Daniel RicciardoFormula 11994.25
11.Flag Scott McLaughlinBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Am1972.25
12.(+1)Flag Kyle LarsonNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash1970.95(+5)
13.(-1)Flag Valtteri BottasFormula 11967.25
14.Flag Matt KensethNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1962.9
15.Flag Joey LoganoNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash1960.75
16.Flag Chase ElliottNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash1960.2(+3.2)
17.Flag Shane van GisbergenBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Pro1956.2
18.Flag Chaz MostertBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Pro1949
19.Flag René RastUnited Sports Car Championship - Prototype1946.5
20.Flag Fabian CoulthardV8 Supercar Championship Series1929.65
21.Flag Kurt BuschNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash1927.1(+3.1)
22.Flag Agustín CanapinoSuper TC2000, Argentina1921.8
23.Flag Michael AmmermüllerPorsche Supercup1919.75
24.(+1)Flag Jamie McMurrayNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash1918.3(+1.3)
25.(-1)Flag Jimmie JohnsonNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash1916.55(-1.5)
26.Flag Mirko BortolottiUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1908.95
27.Flag Maximilian BuhkBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Pro1904.45
28.Flag Ryan NewmanNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash1897.75(-2.3)
29.Flag José María LópezFormula E Championship1893.35
Flag Max VerstappenFormula 11893.35
31.Flag Craig LowndesBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Pro1892
32.Flag Mattias EkströmDTM1886.4
33.Flag Dale Earnhardt Jr.NASCAR Sprint Cup Series1886.2
34.Flag Marco WittmannBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Pro1882.6
35.Flag Laurens VanthoorBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Pro1881.35
36.Flag Christopher MiesBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Pro1876.5
37.Flag Mark WinterbottomV8 Supercar Championship Series1876.05
38.Flag Colin TurkingtonBritish Touring Car Championship1875.8
39.Flag Daniel SuárezNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1872.1
40.Flag Yvan MullerFIA World Touring Car Championship1870.45
41.(+4)Flag Austin DillonNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash1868.15(+3.2)
42.(-1)Flag Martin RaggingerPorsche Carrera Cup Asia1866.2
43.(-1)Flag Sergio PérezFormula 11865.85
44.(-1)Flag Facundo ArdussoSuper TC2000, Argentina1865.65
45.(-1)Flag Daniel CammishPorsche Supercup1865
46.Flag Jan MagnussenUnited Sports Car Championship - GTLM1862.15
47.Flag Christian EngelhartUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1862.1
48.Flag Nicolas MilanRenault Clio Cup France1857.45
49.Flag Felipe MassaFormula 11857.35
50.Flag Fernando AlonsoUnited Sports Car Championship - Prototype1853.85
51.Flag Robin FrijnsBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Pro1853.3
52.Flag Gordon SheddenTCR International Series1850.8
(+8)Flag Ryan BlaneyNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash1850.8(+4.8)
54.Flag Felix RosenqvistFormula E Championship1850.2
55.(-2)Flag Kasey KahneNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash1848.9(-1.1)
56.(-1)Flag Daniel Keilwitz24H Series - A61847.9
57.(-1)Flag Sven MüllerUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1847.85
58.(-1)Flag Scott DixonUnited Sports Car Championship - GTLM1847.8
59.(-1)Flag Philipp EngBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Pro1847.15
60.(-1)Flag Simon PagenaudUnited Sports Car Championship - Prototype1846.95
61.Flag Charles LeclercGP2 Series1843.75
62.(+1)Flag Jamie GreenDTM1841
63.(+1)Flag Matt NealBritish Touring Car Championship1839.3
64.(+2)Flag Nicki ThiimFIA World Endurance Championship - LMGTE Pro1836.3
65.(+2)Flag Nico HülkenbergFormula 11836.1
66.(-4)Flag Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash1835.55(-6.5)
67.(+1)Flag Elliott SadlerNASCAR Nationwide Series1835.45
68.(+1)Flag Clint BowyerNASCAR Sprint Cup Series1835.2
69.(-4)Flag Erik JonesNASCAR Advance Auto Parts Clash1834.95(-2)
70.Flag Earl BamberBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Pro1834.7
71.Flag Edoardo MortaraFormula E Championship1834.1
72.Flag Garth TanderBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Pro1834
73.Flag Stoffel VandoorneFormula 11830.75
74.Flag Helio CastronevesUnited Sports Car Championship - Prototype1830.15
Flag Sam BirdFormula E Championship1830.15
76.Flag Dennis Olsen24H Series - A61829.95
77.Flag Robert CollardBritish Touring Car Championship1827.5
78.Flag Lando NorrisUnited Sports Car Championship - Prototype1827
79.Flag Jenson ButtonSuper GT Japan - GT5001823.75
80.Flag Oliver RowlandGP2 Series1822.25
81.Flag Andre LottererFormula E Championship1822.1
82.Flag Marcel FässlerUnited Sports Car Championship - GTLM1818.4
83.Flag Maxime MartinDTM1817.5
84.Flag Alessandro BalzanUnited Sports Car Championship - GTD1813.8
85.Flag Ander VilariñoV de V Challenge Endurance Moderne - Proto1813.55
86.Flag Kévin EstreBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Pro1812.7
87.Flag Bernd Schneider24H Series - GT41811.9
88.Flag Norbert MicheliszFIA World Touring Car Championship1810.75
89.Flag Johan KristofferssonScandinavian Touring Car Championship1810.25
90.Flag Mat JacksonBritish Touring Car Championship1809.8
91.Flag David ReynoldsBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Am1809.4
92.Flag Lucas Di GrassiFormula E Championship1809
93.Flag Paul DumbrellSuper2 Series1807.9
94.Flag Jeroen BleekemolenBathurst 12 Hour Race - Class A GT3 Pro-Am1807.3
95.Flag Jake DennisBlancpain Endurance Series - GT3 Pro Cup1807.2
96.Flag Omar MartínezTurismo Carretera Argentina1806.7
97.Flag Mike RockenfellerUnited Sports Car Championship - GTLM1806.55
98.Flag Dino ZamparelliPorsche Carrera Cup Great Britain1804.55
99.Flag Robert WickensDTM1803.95
100.Flag Thed BjörkFIA World Touring Car Championship1803.25
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