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Racing drivers from Sweden

Below are the top Swedish racing drivers according to the currently available data on Driver Database. The drivers are displayed in different categories.

Race win percentage

The Swedish drivers with the highest race win percentage.
A minimum of 30 race starts is need to make it into this list.
1.Stefan Deleuran Mumm67.5%
2.Thomas Stamreus61.3%
3.Greger Kronegård49.1%
4.Niklas Petersson44.4%
5.Andreas Halbig42.1%
6.Richard Hansson41.9%
7.Carl Anders Jensen40%
8.Niklas Lilja39.5%
9.Peter Åslund36.1%
Kristoffer Norling36.1%
11.Johan Kristoffersson34.9%
12.Martin Sventén33.9%
13.Hampus Rydman33.3%
Erik Blixt33.3%
15.Rikard Bengtsson32.7%
16.Robert Helling31.9%
Joel Jern31.9%
18.Mikael Mårthen31.7%
19.Michael Haflidason31.5%
20.Robert Serwanski31.3%

Pole positions

The Swedish drivers with the biggest number of pole positions.
Only pole positions from timed qualifying sessions.
1.Rickard Rydell72
2.Ronnie Peterson64
3.Felix Rosenqvist63
4.Robert Dahlgren60
5.Thed Björk48
6.Hampus Rydman47
Johan Kristoffersson47
8.Niklas Lilja45
9.Daniel Haglöf38
Mats Magnusson38
11.Lukas Sundahl37
12.Fredrik Ekblom35
13.Richard Göransson32
14.Peter Sundberg31
15.Jan “Flash” Nilsson29
Alexander Graff29
Alx Danielsson29
18.Linus Lundqvist28
Richard Hansson28
Daniel Roos28

Driver Database Ranking

Ratings of the top Swedish drivers in the Driver Database Ranking.
1.Kenny Bräck1617.95
2.Robert Dahlgren1556.3
3.Thed Björk1519.8
4.Jan “Flash” Nilsson1516.5
5.Robin Rudholm1508.05
6.Mattias Ekström1501.2
7.Björn Wirdheim1500.25
8.Fredric Haglund1500.15
9.Richard Göransson1494.95
10.Peter Sundberg1479.9
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