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Racing drivers from Portugal

Below are the top Portugese racing drivers according to the currently available data on Driver Database. The drivers are displayed in different categories.

Race win percentage

The Portugese drivers with the highest race win percentage.
A minimum of 30 race starts is need to make it into this list.
1.Pedro Salvador46.8%
2.Francisco Lorena29.4%
3.Gonçalo Gomes28.4%
4.Carlos Vieira27.9%
5.João Figueiredo26.8%
Francisco Cruz Martins26.8%
7.Pedro Lamy25.1%
8.José Pedro Fontes24.1%
9.Diogo Ferrão21.2%
10.Ricardo Bravo20.8%
11.Ricardo Mégre20%
12.Francisco Mora19.8%
13.José Carlos Ramos18.2%
14.Hugo Godinho17.7%
15.Gonçalo Araújo17.5%
16.Patrick Cunha17.2%
17.César Campaniço16.7%
João Ramos16.7%
19.José Monroy15.4%
20.Pedro Bastos15.2%

Pole positions

The Portugese drivers with the biggest number of pole positions.
Only pole positions from timed qualifying sessions.
1.Pedro Lamy52
2.Álvaro Parente45
3.César Campaniço28
4.Manuel Gião23
Gonçalo Gomes23
6.Tiago Monteiro22
7.Nicolas Armindo21
Filipe Albuquerque21
9.Andre Couto17
Pedro Salvador17
Rui Águas17
12.António Félix da Costa16
13.Miguel Ramos11
14.João Barbosa10
15.Francisco Mora9
António Coimbra9
17.Ricardo Bravo8
18.João Figueiredo7
19.Francisco José Guedes6
Pedro Chaves6

Driver Database Ranking

Ratings of the top Portugese drivers in the Driver Database Ranking.
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