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Racing drivers from New Zealand

Below are the top New Zealander racing drivers according to the currently available data on Driver Database. The drivers are displayed in different categories.

Race win percentage

The New Zealander drivers with the highest race win percentage.
A minimum of 30 race starts is need to make it into this list.
1.Chris Hyde67.7%
2.Martin Irvine61.8%
3.Barry Butterworth55.3%
4.Ashley Stichbury52.3%
5.Ian Davidson50%
6.Dean McCarroll48.9%
7.Paul Fahey48%
8.Matt Whittaker45.7%
9.Gavin Cox44.4%
10.Glenn Smith41.2%
Mark Babb41.2%
12.Steve Williams41%
13.Phil Towgood40.6%
14.David Glasson39.1%
15.Drew Jeffrey38.9%
16.James Penrose37.5%
Christian Hermansen37.5%
18.Matthew Griffin36.7%
19.Iain Slight35.7%
20.Carl Hansen35.5%

Pole positions

The New Zealander drivers with the biggest number of pole positions.
Only pole positions from timed qualifying sessions.
1.Jim Richards88
2.Scott McLaughlin85
3.Shane van Gisbergen64
4.Earl Bamber51
Craig Baird51
6.Chris van der Drift45
7.Mitch Evans43
8.Michael Shepherd41
9.Denny Hulme40
Glenn Smith40
11.Ken Smith39
12.Angus Fogg34
Nick Cassidy34
14.Jason Richards33
Scott Dixon33
16.Bruce McLaren30
Fabian Coulthard30
Brendon Hartley30
19.Ian Hayr29
20.Steve Millen27

Fastest race laps

The drivers with the biggest number of fastest laps set in races.
1.Jim Richards164
2.Craig Baird129
3.Angus Fogg115
4.Ken Smith102
Glenn Smith102
6.Shane van Gisbergen97
7.Michael Pickens94
8.Michael Shepherd78
9.Andre Heimgartner77
10.Caine Lobb71
11.Nick Cassidy69
12.Earl Bamber68
13.Ian Hayr65
14.Fabian Coulthard64
15.Mitch Evans62
16.David Glasson61
17.Scott McLaughlin53
18.Chris Pither50
19.Anthony Te Rito49
Denny Hulme49

Driver Database Ranking

Ratings of the top New Zealander drivers in the Driver Database Ranking.
1.Scott Dixon1542.25
2.Greg Murphy1515.6
3.Paul Radisich1509.2
4.Angus Fogg1500
5.Jason Richards1493.1
6.John Faulkner1492.6
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