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Racing drivers from Monaco

Below are the top Monégasque racing drivers according to the currently available data on Driver Database. The drivers are displayed in different categories.

Race win percentage

The Monégasque drivers with the highest race win percentage.
A minimum of 30 race starts is need to make it into this list.
1.Olivier Beretta23.8%
2.Philippe Prette21.6%
3.Louis Prette Jr16.3%
4.Arthur Leclerc14.4%
5.Claudio Roddaro12.9%
6.Stéphane Ortelli12.1%
7.Charles Leclerc10.7%
8.Micah Stanley10%
9.Stéphane Richelmi6.6%
10.Richard Hein5.9%
11.Stefano Coletti5.8%
Cedric Sbirrazzuoli5.8%
13.Louis Chiron5%
14.Marc Faggionato4.8%
15.Geoffrey Horion3.9%
Clivio Piccione3.9%
17.Frédéric Lajoux2.6%
18.Kevin Nadin0%
Alain Costa0%

Driver Database Ranking

Ratings of the top Monégasque drivers in the Driver Database Ranking.
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