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Racing drivers from Ireland

Below are the top Irish racing drivers according to the currently available data on Driver Database. The drivers are displayed in different categories.

Race win percentage

The Irish drivers with the highest race win percentage.
A minimum of 30 race starts is need to make it into this list.
1.Niall Murray38.3%
2.Martin Boyle36.8%
3.Alec Poole22.9%
4.Karl Leonard21.4%
5.John O'Hara20.3%
6.Jordan Dempsey19.8%
7.Peter Dempsey19.5%
8.John Ferguson19.4%
9.Stephen Daly17.9%
10.Cian Carey17.7%
11.Ken Fildes17.1%
12.Niki Meredith16.7%
Derek Higgins16.7%
14.Ralph Firman jr.16.2%
15.Noel Dunne15.7%
16.Tommy Byrne15.6%
17.Michael Roe14.8%
18.Neville Smyth14.6%
19.Alex Dunne14.3%
20.Alo Lawler13.9%

Pole positions

The Irish drivers with the biggest number of pole positions.
Only pole positions from timed qualifying sessions.
1.Niall Murray37
2.Ralph Firman jr.33
3.Damien Faulkner24
4.Tommy Byrne19
5.Jordan Dempsey18
Peter Dempsey18
7.Charlie Eastwood17
8.Matt Griffin16
Alo Lawler16
10.Martin Boyle15
Derek Higgins15
12.Karl Leonard14
13.Michael Roe11
Martin Donnelly11
Eddie Irvine11
Graham Downey11
17.Eoin Murray10
John O'Hara10
19.Niall Breen9
20.Robby Coleman8

Driver Database Ranking

Ratings of the top Irish drivers in the Driver Database Ranking.
1.Eddie Irvine1588.85
2.Ralph Firman jr.1560.85
3.Derek Higgins1516.1
4.Robby Coleman1490.05
5.John Gunning1488.05
6.Gavin Smith1485.8
7.Michael Keohane1482.45
8.Kenneth Grandon1475.95
9.Warren Carway1396.1
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