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World Series by Nissan statistics

This page handles statistics for the World Series by Nissan between the years 2000 and 2004.


1.Flag Franck Montagny20
2.Flag Ricardo Zonta9
3.Flag Heikki Kovalainen7
4.Flag Tiago Monteiro5
Flag Giuseppe Burlotti5
6.Flag Enrique Bernoldi4
Flag Antonio García4
Flag Bas Leinders4
Flag Andrea Belicchi4
10.Flag Tomas Scheckter3
11.Flag Angel Burgueño2
Flag Jean-Christophe Ravier2
Flag Patrice Gay2
Flag Justin Wilson2
Flag Ander Vilariño2
Flag Narain Karthikeyan2
17.Flag Polo Villaamil1
Flag Marc Gené1
Flag Stéphane Sarrazin1
Flag Felix Porteiro1


1.Flag Franck Montagny28
2.Flag Jean-Christophe Ravier18
3.Flag Heikki Kovalainen15
4.Flag Ricardo Zonta14
5.Flag Enrique Bernoldi12
Flag Antonio García12
Flag Bas Leinders12
8.Flag Tomas Scheckter10
9.Flag Tiago Monteiro9
Flag Narain Karthikeyan9
Flag Rui Águas9
12.Flag Ander Vilariño8
Flag Andrea Belicchi8
Flag Justin Wilson8
15.Flag Rafael Sarandeses7
Flag Giuseppe Burlotti7
17.Flag Angel Burgueño6
18.Flag Stéphane Sarrazin5
Flag Tristan Gommendy5
Flag Patrice Gay5

Fastest laps

1.Flag Franck Montagny21
2.Flag Heikki Kovalainen9
3.Flag Ricardo Zonta8
4.Flag Bas Leinders7
5.Flag Antonio García6
6.Flag Jean-Christophe Ravier5
7.Flag Stéphane Sarrazin4
Flag Rui Águas4
9.Flag Enrique Bernoldi3
Flag Angel Burgueño3
11.Flag Tiago Monteiro2
Flag Patrice Gay2
Flag Rafael Sarandeses2
14.Flag Andrea Belicchi1
Flag Giuseppe Burlotti1
Flag Jonathan Cochet1
Flag Justin Wilson1
Flag Adrián Vallés1
Flag Bruce Jouanny1

Pole positions

1.Flag Franck Montagny14
2.Flag Heikki Kovalainen13
3.Flag Ricardo Zonta8
4.Flag Giuseppe Burlotti5
Flag Antonio García5
6.Flag Enrique Bernoldi4
Flag Tiago Monteiro4
Flag Bas Leinders4
Flag Tomas Scheckter4
10.Flag Andrea Belicchi3
Flag Ander Vilariño3
12.Flag Bruce Jouanny2
Flag Justin Wilson2
Flag Stéphane Sarrazin2
Flag Angel Burgueño2
Flag Narain Karthikeyan2
17.Flag Andre Couto1
Flag Bruno Besson1
Flag Rafael Sarandeses1
Flag Felix Porteiro1

Race starts

1.Flag Jean-Christophe Ravier66
2.Flag Angel Burgueño58
3.Flag Narain Karthikeyan52
4.Flag Franck Montagny47
Flag Felix Porteiro47
6.Flag Ander Vilariño44
7.Flag Santiago Porteiro42
8.Flag Víctor Ordóñez41
9.Flag Rafael Sarandeses40
10.Flag Enrique Bernoldi36
Flag Bas Leinders36
Flag Heikki Kovalainen36
Flag Polo Villaamil36
14.Flag Didier André34
15.Flag Antonio García33
16.Flag Tuka Rocha28
Flag Andrea Belicchi28
18.Flag Matteo Bobbi27
19.Flag Grégoire de Galzain25
20.Flag Bruce Jouanny24

Race win percentage

1.Flag Ricardo Zonta52.9%
2.Flag Franck Montagny42.6%
3.Flag Giuseppe Burlotti31.3%
4.Flag Tiago Monteiro27.8%
5.Flag Tomas Scheckter25%
6.Flag Heikki Kovalainen19.4%
7.Flag Andrea Belicchi14.3%
8.Flag Patrice Gay12.5%
9.Flag Antonio García12.1%
10.Flag Justin Wilson11.1%
Flag Enrique Bernoldi11.1%
Flag Bas Leinders11.1%
13.Flag Marc Gené10%
14.Flag Olivier Pla6.3%
Flag Rui Águas6.3%
16.Flag Stéphane Sarrazin5.6%
17.Flag Ander Vilariño4.6%
18.Flag Narain Karthikeyan3.9%
19.Flag Angel Burgueño3.5%
20.Flag Jean-Christophe Ravier3%
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