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V8Star Germany statistics

This page handles statistics for the V8Star Germany between the years 2001 and 2003.


1.Flag Johnny Cecotto7
2.Flag Robert Lechner6
Flag Thomas Mutsch6
4.Flag Pedro Lamy5
5.Flag Marcel Tiemann2
6.Flag Roland Asch1
Flag Donny Crevels1


1.Flag Thomas Mutsch14
2.Flag Johnny Cecotto13
3.Flag Robert Lechner11
4.Flag Roland Asch10
Flag Pedro Lamy10
6.Flag Kris Nissen5
Flag Marcel Tiemann5
8.Flag Michael Bartels4
9.Flag Kurt Thiim3
10.Flag Patrick Michels2
Flag Steffen Widmann2
Flag Karl Wendlinger2
13.Flag Donny Crevels1
Flag Patrick Simon1
Flag Toby Scheckter1

Fastest laps

1.Flag Johnny Cecotto8
2.Flag Pedro Lamy6
3.Flag Robert Lechner3
4.Flag Roland Asch2
Flag Thomas Mutsch2
Flag Marcel Tiemann2
7.Flag Donny Crevels1
Flag Steffen Widmann1
Flag Kurt Thiim1
Flag Ralf Druckenmüller1
Flag Kris Nissen1

Pole positions

1.Flag Pedro Lamy7
2.Flag Robert Lechner4
Flag Roland Asch4
4.Flag Thomas Mutsch3
5.Flag Johnny Cecotto2
Flag Marcel Tiemann2
7.Flag Michael Bartels1
Flag Donny Crevels1
Flag Ralf Druckenmüller1
Flag Markus Oestreich1
Flag Kurt Thiim1
Flag Karl Wendlinger1

Race starts

1.Flag Harald Becker28
Flag Thomas Mutsch28
3.Flag Steffen Widmann26
4.Flag Robert Lechner25
5.Flag Sascha Bert24
6.Flag Roland Asch23
7.Flag Kurt Thiim22
8.Flag Siegfried Ryll20
9.Flag Johnny Cecotto19
Flag Ralf Druckenmüller19
11.Flag Pedro Lamy18
12.Flag Dennis Rostek16
13.Flag Patrick Michels15
Flag Kris Nissen15
15.Flag Dirk Adorf12
Flag Patrick Simon12
17.Flag Ellen Lohr10
Flag Markus Oestreich10
Flag Oliver Mayer10
Flag Toby Scheckter10

Race win percentage

1.Flag Johnny Cecotto36.8%
2.Flag Donny Crevels33.3%
3.Flag Pedro Lamy27.8%
4.Flag Robert Lechner24%
5.Flag Marcel Tiemann22.2%
6.Flag Thomas Mutsch21.4%
7.Flag Roland Asch4.4%
8.Flag Marcel Kesseler0%
Flag Simon Frederiks0%
Flag Altfrid Heger0%
Flag Jaap Kielman0%
Flag Dennis Rostek0%
Flag Michael Bartels0%
Flag Klaus Panchyrz0%
Flag Michael Vergers0%
Flag Siegfried Ryll0%
Flag Sascha Bert0%
Flag Marco du Pau0%
Flag Kevin Clarke0%
Flag Steffen Widmann0%
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