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Superstars Championship Italy statistics

This page handles statistics for the Superstars Championship Italy between the years 2007 and 2012.


1.Flag Gianni Morbidelli14
2.Flag Massimo Pigoli5
Flag Stefano Gabellini5
4.Flag Andrea Bertolini4
Flag Johan Kristoffersson4
6.Flag Pierluigi Martini3
Flag Alberto Cerqui3
8.Flag Giorgio Sanna2
Flag Luca Rangoni2
10.Flag Alessandro Balzan1
Flag Roberto Papini1
Flag Fabrizio Armetta1
Flag Kristian Ghedina1
Flag Roberto Russo1
Flag Luigi Ferrara1
Flag Michela Cerruti1


1.Flag Gianni Morbidelli23
2.Flag Massimo Pigoli12
3.Flag Stefano Gabellini11
4.Flag Kristian Ghedina9
Flag Roberto Papini9
6.Flag Giorgio Sanna8
7.Flag Alberto Cerqui6
Flag Pierluigi Martini6
9.Flag Luigi Ferrara5
10.Flag Johan Kristoffersson4
Flag Andrea Bertolini4
Flag Fabrizio Armetta4
13.Flag Alessandro Balzan3
Flag Mauro Cesari3
Flag Johnny Herbert3
Flag Roberto Russo3
Flag Alessandro Pier Guidi3
Flag Giuliano Alessi3
Flag Thomas Biagi3
20.Flag Luca Rangoni2

Fastest laps

1.Flag Gianni Morbidelli17
2.Flag Stefano Gabellini6
3.Flag Giorgio Sanna3
Flag Luigi Ferrara3
5.Flag Johan Kristoffersson2
Flag Thomas Biagi2
Flag Alberto Cerqui2
8.Flag Pierluigi Martini1
Flag Massimo Pigoli1
Flag Fabrizio Armetta1
Flag Roberto Russo1
Flag Luca Rangoni1
Flag Rinaldo Capello1
Flag Giuliano Alessi1
Flag Andrea Bertolini1
Flag Johnny Herbert1
Flag Alessandro Pier Guidi1
Flag Ermanno Dionisio1
Flag Alessandro Balzan1

Pole positions

1.Flag Gianni Morbidelli13
2.Flag Stefano Gabellini4
3.Flag Massimo Pigoli3
4.Flag Alessandro Balzan2
Flag Giorgio Sanna2
Flag Alberto Cerqui2
Flag Andrea Bertolini2
Flag Johan Kristoffersson2
9.Flag Rinaldo Capello1
Flag Luca Rangoni1
Flag Fabrizio Armetta1

Race starts

1.Flag Francesco Ascani43
2.Flag Gianni Morbidelli39
3.Flag Massimo Pigoli38
4.Flag Stefano Gabellini36
5.Flag Kristian Ghedina34
6.Flag Roberto Papini27
7.Flag Ermanno Dionisio26
Flag Mauro Cesari26
Flag Roberto Benedetti26
10.Flag Fabrizio Armetta20
11.Flag Pierluigi Martini18
Flag Leonardo Baccarelli18
13.Flag Andrea Chiesa17
14.Flag Sandro Bettini15
Flag Giorgio Sanna15
16.Flag Steven Goldstein13
17.Flag Alberto Cerqui12
Flag Luigi Ferrara12
Flag Alessandro Battaglin12
Flag Nico Caldarola12

Race win percentage

1.Flag Andrea Bertolini44.4%
2.Flag Luca Rangoni40%
Flag Johan Kristoffersson40%
4.Flag Gianni Morbidelli35.9%
5.Flag Alberto Cerqui25%
6.Flag Pierluigi Martini16.7%
7.Flag Stefano Gabellini13.9%
8.Flag Giorgio Sanna13.3%
9.Flag Massimo Pigoli13.2%
10.Flag Alessandro Balzan12.5%
11.Flag Roberto Russo10%
12.Flag Luigi Ferrara8.3%
Flag Michela Cerruti8.3%
14.Flag Fabrizio Armetta5%
15.Flag Roberto Papini3.7%
16.Flag Kristian Ghedina2.9%
17.Flag Steven Goldstein0%
Flag Francesco Ascani0%
Flag Maurizio Strada0%
Flag Giuliano Alessi0%
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