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Superleague Formula statistics

This page handles statistics for the Superleague Formula between the years 2008 and 2011.


1.Flag Davide Rigon8
Flag John Martin8
3.Flag Yelmer Buurman7
4.Flag Craig Dolby6
5.Flag Chris van der Drift4
Flag Adrián Vallés4
Flag Álvaro Parente4
8.Flag Frédéric Vervisch3
Flag Sébastien Bourdais3
10.Flag Maximilian Wissel2
Flag Esteban Guerrieri2
Flag Robert Doornbos2
Flag Tristan Gommendy2
14.Flag Ho-Pin Tung1
Flag Giorgio Pantano1
Flag Pedro Petiz1
Flag Paul Meijer1
Flag James Walker1
Flag Narain Karthikeyan1
Flag Duncan Tappy1


1.Flag Craig Dolby22
Flag Davide Rigon22
3.Flag Yelmer Buurman17
4.Flag John Martin16
5.Flag Maximilian Wissel12
6.Flag Chris van der Drift10
Flag Adrián Vallés10
8.Flag Duncan Tappy9
9.Flag Sébastien Bourdais7
Flag Robert Doornbos7
11.Flag Antônio Pizzonia6
Flag Frédéric Vervisch6
Flag Esteban Guerrieri6
Flag Tristan Gommendy6
15.Flag Julien Jousse5
Flag Álvaro Parente5
Flag Franck Perera5
18.Flag Giorgio Pantano3
Flag Alessandro Pier Guidi3
Flag Benjamin Hanley3

Fastest laps

1.Flag Yelmer Buurman10
2.Flag Davide Rigon6
Flag Maximilian Wissel6
4.Flag Craig Dolby5
Flag Antônio Pizzonia5
6.Flag Frédéric Vervisch4
Flag Chris van der Drift4
Flag Tristan Gommendy4
Flag Andy Soucek4
10.Flag Álvaro Parente3
Flag Benjamin Hanley3
12.Flag Adrián Vallés2
Flag Esteban Guerrieri2
Flag Sébastien Bourdais2
Flag John Martin2
16.Flag Robert Doornbos1
Flag Duncan Tappy1
Flag Julien Jousse1
Flag Franck Montagny1
Flag Filip Salaquarda1

Pole positions

1.Flag Davide Rigon4
2.Flag Antônio Pizzonia3
3.Flag Chris van der Drift2
Flag John Martin2
Flag Adrián Vallés2
6.Flag Franck Perera1
Flag Paul Meijer1
Flag Kasper Andersen1
Flag Esteban Guerrieri1
Flag Sébastien Bourdais1
Flag Robert Doornbos1
Flag Craig Dolby1
Flag Álvaro Parente1
Flag Maximilian Wissel1
Flag Marcos Martinez1
Flag Julien Jousse1
Flag Benjamin Hanley1
Flag Tristan Gommendy1

Race starts

1.Flag Yelmer Buurman63
2.Flag Maximilian Wissel60
Flag Craig Dolby60
4.Flag Tristan Gommendy54
5.Flag Davide Rigon52
6.Flag John Martin48
7.Flag Robert Doornbos38
8.Flag Adrián Vallés33
9.Flag Duncan Tappy30
Flag Antônio Pizzonia30
11.Flag Julien Jousse29
12.Flag Franck Perera28
13.Flag Álvaro Parente27
14.Flag Maria de Villota25
Flag Andy Soucek25
Flag Marcos Martinez25
17.Flag Chris van der Drift23
18.Flag Borja García22
19.Flag Kasper Andersen20
Flag James Walker20

Race win percentage

1.Flag Frédéric Vervisch17.7%
2.Flag Chris van der Drift17.4%
3.Flag John Martin16.7%
Flag Paul Meijer16.7%
Flag Sébastien Bourdais16.7%
6.Flag Davide Rigon15.4%
7.Flag Álvaro Parente14.8%
8.Flag Earl Bamber14.3%
Flag Esteban Guerrieri14.3%
10.Flag Neel Jani12.5%
11.Flag Adrián Vallés12.1%
12.Flag Yelmer Buurman11.1%
13.Flag Craig Dolby10%
Flag Benjamin Hanley10%
15.Flag Narain Karthikeyan8.3%
Flag Franck Montagny8.3%
17.Flag Pedro Petiz7.7%
18.Flag Giorgio Pantano7.1%
19.Flag Ho-Pin Tung6.7%
20.Flag Robert Doornbos5.3%
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