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Skip Barber National Championship statistics

This page handles statistics for the Skip Barber National Championship between the years 2005 and 2011.


1.Flag Connor De Phillippi7
2.Flag Scott Anderson6
3.Flag Jordy Vorrath5
Flag Conor Daly5
Flag Josef Newgarden5
Flag Joel Miller5
Flag Jonathan Goring5
Flag Gerardo Bonilla5
9.Flag Marco Di Leo3
Flag Alexander Rossi3
Flag Isaac Lyons3
Flag Dennis Trebing3
Flag Trent Hindman3
Flag Spencer Pigot3
Flag Gabby Chaves3
16.Flag Sebastian Ordonez2
Flag Felix Juan Serralles IV2
Flag Andy Rossetto2
Flag Ricky Taylor2
Flag Court Vernon2


1.Flag Connor De Phillippi18
2.Flag Spencer Pigot13
3.Flag Scott Anderson12
4.Flag Brandon Newey10
Flag Joel Miller10
6.Flag Josef Newgarden9
Flag Stevan McAleer9
Flag Gerardo Bonilla9
Flag Trent Hindman9
Flag Cole Nelson9
11.Flag Felix Juan Serralles IV8
Flag Court Vernon8
Flag Jonathan Goring8
Flag Conor Daly8
Flag Matt Varsha8
Flag Jordy Vorrath8
17.Flag Marco Di Leo7
Flag A.J. Riley7
Flag Fábio Orsolon7
Flag Dennis Trebing7

Fastest laps

1.Flag Connor De Phillippi7
2.Flag Josef Newgarden6
Flag Felix Juan Serralles IV6
Flag Gerardo Bonilla6
5.Flag Trent Hindman4
Flag Matt Varsha4
Flag Dennis Trebing4
8.Flag Nicholas Andries3
Flag Court Vernon3
Flag Kyle Lawrence3
Flag Justin Moon3
Flag Shelby Blackstock3
13.Flag Sage Karam2
Flag Timmy Megenbier2
Flag Jonathan Gore2
Flag Jonathan Goring2
Flag Mark Bumgarner2
Flag Ashley Freiberg2
Flag Felipe Polehtto2
Flag Jordy Vorrath2

Pole positions

1.Flag Josef Newgarden9
2.Flag Trent Hindman6
3.Flag Spencer Pigot5
Flag Sebastian Ordonez5
5.Flag Dennis Trebing4
Flag Ricky Taylor4
Flag Scott Anderson4
Flag Gerardo Bonilla4
Flag Court Vernon4
Flag Matt Varsha4
Flag Felipe Polehtto4
12.Flag Isaac Lyons3
Flag Jonathan Goring3
Flag Conor Daly3
Flag Connor De Phillippi3
Flag Andy Rossetto3
17.Flag Christopher Wehrheim2
Flag Joel Miller2
Flag Sage Karam2
Flag Alexander Rossi2

Race starts

1.Flag Stevan McAleer36
2.Flag Ashley Freiberg30
Flag Brandon Newey30
Flag Scott Anderson30
5.Flag Kyle Lawrence28
Flag Josef Newgarden28
Flag Lee Carpentier28
Flag Dennis Trebing28
Flag Connor De Phillippi28
10.Flag Isaac Lyons27
11.Flag Fábio Orsolon24
Flag Richard Heistand24
13.Flag Jonathan Gore23
14.Flag Jonathan Goring22
Flag Felipe Polehtto22
16.Flag A.J. Riley20
Flag Sean Rayhall20
Flag Timmy Megenbier20
Flag Andy Rossetto20
Flag Danilo Estrela20

Race win percentage

1.Flag Jordy Vorrath35.7%
2.Flag Gabby Chaves33.3%
3.Flag Joel Miller31.3%
Flag Gerardo Bonilla31.3%
5.Flag Conor Daly27.8%
6.Flag Connor De Phillippi25%
Flag Christopher Wehrheim25%
8.Flag Jonathan Goring22.7%
9.Flag Alexander Rossi21.4%
Flag Marco Di Leo21.4%
11.Flag Scott Anderson20%
12.Flag Josef Newgarden17.9%
13.Flag Spencer Pigot17.7%
14.Flag Thomas McGregor16.7%
Flag Brett Smrz16.7%
16.Flag Trent Hindman15%
17.Flag Sage Karam14.3%
Flag Court Vernon14.3%
Flag Revere Greist14.3%
20.Flag Ricky Taylor12.5%
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