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SEAT Cupra Great Britain statistics

This page handles statistics for the SEAT Cupra Great Britain between the years 2003 and 2008.


1.Flag Mat Jackson21
2.Flag Jonny Adam20
3.Flag Tom Boardman12
4.Flag Carl Breeze8
5.Flag Robert Lawson6
6.Flag Stefan Hodgetts5
7.Flag Gavin Smith4
8.Flag James Pickford3
Flag Oli Wilkinson3
Flag Alan Blencowe3
Flag Rob Huff3
Flag Martin Byford3
13.Flag Gordon Shedden2
Flag Tom Ferrier2
Flag Fulvio Mussi2
Flag Dan Welch2
17.Flag Ben Winrow1


1.Flag Jonny Adam41
2.Flag Tom Boardman28
Flag Carl Breeze28
4.Flag Mat Jackson26
5.Flag Alan Blencowe20
6.Flag Robert Lawson14
7.Flag Fulvio Mussi13
8.Flag Martin Byford12
Flag James Pickford12
10.Flag Oli Wilkinson10
Flag Dan Welch10
Flag Gordon Shedden10
13.Flag Tom Ferrier9
14.Flag Gavin Smith8
15.Flag Rob Huff7
Flag Ben Winrow7
17.Flag Andrew Herron6
18.Flag Gareth Nixon5
Flag Stefan Hodgetts5
20.Flag Jonathan Fildes4

Fastest laps

1.Flag Jonny Adam19
2.Flag Mat Jackson13
3.Flag Tom Boardman8
Flag Alan Blencowe8
5.Flag Martin Byford6
Flag James Pickford6
7.Flag Dan Welch5
8.Flag Stefan Hodgetts4
Flag Gavin Smith4
10.Flag Carl Breeze3
Flag Robert Lawson3
Flag Rob Huff3
Flag Gareth Nixon3
Flag Ben Winrow3
Flag Tom Ferrier3
16.Flag Gordon Shedden2
Flag Oli Wilkinson2
18.Flag Neil Waterworth1
Flag Ray MacDowall1
Flag Fulvio Mussi1

Pole positions

1.Flag Jonny Adam24
2.Flag James Pickford9
3.Flag Robert Lawson8
4.Flag Carl Breeze7
Flag Tom Boardman7
6.Flag Mat Jackson6
7.Flag Stefan Hodgetts4
8.Flag Oli Wilkinson3
9.Flag Tom Ferrier2
Flag Lewis Carter2
Flag Alan Blencowe2
Flag Fulvio Mussi2
Flag Gareth Nixon2
Flag Dan Welch2
Flag Rob Huff2
16.Flag Gordon Shedden1
Flag Adrian Churchill1
Flag Stephen Colbert1
Flag Martin Byford1

Race starts

1.Flag Carl Breeze75
2.Flag Jonny Adam58
3.Flag Alan Blencowe50
4.Flag Tom Boardman42
5.Flag Dan Welch40
6.Flag Neil Waterworth38
Flag Fulvio Mussi38
Flag Ben Winrow38
9.Flag Mat Jackson36
10.Flag Harry Vaulkhard35
11.Flag Mike Doble32
12.Flag Oli Wilkinson26
13.Flag Ian Churchill25
Flag Adrian Churchill25
15.Flag Tom Ferrier24
16.Flag Melanie Healey22
Flag Emmet O'Brien22
Flag James Pickford22
Flag Gordon Shedden22
Flag Gavin Smith22

Race win percentage

1.Flag Mat Jackson58.3%
2.Flag Stefan Hodgetts55.6%
3.Flag Jonny Adam34.5%
4.Flag Rob Huff30%
Flag Robert Lawson30%
6.Flag Tom Boardman28.6%
7.Flag Gavin Smith18.2%
8.Flag Martin Byford15%
9.Flag James Pickford13.6%
10.Flag Oli Wilkinson11.5%
11.Flag Carl Breeze10.7%
12.Flag Gordon Shedden9.1%
13.Flag Tom Ferrier8.3%
14.Flag Alan Blencowe6%
15.Flag Fulvio Mussi5.3%
16.Flag Dan Welch5%
17.Flag Ben Winrow2.6%
18.Flag Steve Mitchell0%
Flag Nick Leason0%
Flag David Pinkney0%
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