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SAXMAX Great Britain statistics

This page handles statistics for the SAXMAX Great Britain between the years 2006 and 2013.


1.Flag Guy Wenham14
2.Flag Liam McMillan9
3.Flag Shane Stoney8
4.Flag Anthony Whorton-Eales7
Flag James Colburn7
Flag Owen Hunter7
7.Flag Oliver White5
8.Flag Joe Ferguson4
Flag Patrick Fletcher4
Flag Chrissy Palmer4
11.Flag Anton Spires3
Flag Shaun Clay3
Flag William Davison3
14.Flag Chris Warburton2
Flag Jake Farndon2
Flag Scott Moakes2
17.Flag Sam Schofield1
Flag Josh Cook1
Flag Leyton Clarke1
Flag George Streather1


1.Flag Guy Wenham23
2.Flag Shane Stoney13
Flag Patrick Fletcher13
4.Flag Chris Warburton12
5.Flag William Davison11
6.Flag Aaron Trigwell10
Flag James Dorlin10
Flag James Colburn10
Flag Joe Ferguson10
10.Flag Oliver White9
Flag Scott Moakes9
Flag Liam McMillan9
Flag Anthony Whorton-Eales9
Flag Owen Hunter9
15.Flag George Streather8
Flag Anton Spires8
Flag Daniel Brown8
18.Flag Andrew Tibbs7
Flag Chrissy Palmer7
Flag Leyton Clarke7

Fastest laps

1.Flag Guy Wenham19
2.Flag William Davison8
Flag Liam McMillan8
4.Flag Shane Stoney6
Flag Chris Warburton6
Flag Aaron Trigwell6
Flag James Colburn6
8.Flag Anton Spires4
Flag Owen Hunter4
10.Flag Joe Ferguson3
Flag Patrick Fletcher3
Flag Jake Farndon3
13.Flag Oliver White2
Flag Abbie Eaton2
Flag Daniel Brown2
Flag James Dorlin2
Flag Aaron Williamson2
18.Flag Chrissy Palmer1
Flag Sam Schofield1
Flag Anthony Whorton-Eales1

Pole positions

1.Flag Guy Wenham18
2.Flag Liam McMillan10
3.Flag Shane Stoney7
Flag James Colburn7
5.Flag William Davison6
Flag Oliver White6
7.Flag Anthony Whorton-Eales5
8.Flag Chris Warburton4
9.Flag Patrick Fletcher3
Flag Owen Hunter3
Flag Shaun Clay3
Flag Anton Spires3
Flag Chrissy Palmer3
Flag Joe Ferguson3
Flag Jake Farndon3
16.Flag Michael Day2
Flag James Rooker-Edwards2
Flag Aaron Williamson2
19.Flag James Dorlin1
Flag Declan Armstrong1

Race starts

1.Flag Aaron Trigwell36
2.Flag Shaun Clay35
3.Flag Owen Hunter32
4.Flag Chris Warburton30
Flag Guy Wenham30
6.Flag Patrick Fletcher29
7.Flag William Davison28
8.Flag Shane Stoney27
9.Flag Henry Gilbert26
Flag Jordan Willson26
Flag William Plant26
Flag Joe Ferguson26
Flag Anthony Whorton-Eales26
Flag Scott Moakes26
15.Flag Jordan Annells24
Flag Anton Spires24
17.Flag Zoe Wenham23
18.Flag Andrew Tibbs22
19.Flag Abbie Eaton21
20.Flag Jamie Brown20

Race win percentage

1.Flag Liam McMillan90%
2.Flag Guy Wenham46.7%
3.Flag Oliver White38.5%
4.Flag James Colburn36.8%
5.Flag Shane Stoney29.6%
6.Flag Anthony Whorton-Eales26.9%
7.Flag Chrissy Palmer25%
8.Flag Owen Hunter21.9%
9.Flag Joe Ferguson15.4%
10.Flag Patrick Fletcher13.8%
11.Flag Anton Spires12.5%
12.Flag Sam Schofield11.1%
13.Flag William Davison10.7%
14.Flag Jake Farndon10.5%
15.Flag Daniel Brown10%
16.Flag Shaun Clay8.6%
17.Flag Sam Morgan8.3%
18.Flag James Dorlin7.7%
Flag Scott Moakes7.7%
20.Flag Chris Warburton6.7%
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