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Mégane Trophy Eurocup statistics

This page handles statistics for the Mégane Trophy Eurocup between the years 2005 and 2013.


1.Flag Stefano Comini15
2.Flag Dimitri Enjalbert13
3.Flag Mike Verschuur9
4.Flag Mirko Bortolotti8
5.Flag Nicky Catsburg7
Flag Bas Schothorst7
Flag Maxime Martin7
Flag Albert Costa Balboa7
9.Flag Jan Heylen6
10.Flag Michaël Rossi5
Flag Ludovic Badey5
Flag Pedro Petiz5
13.Flag Jaap van Lagen4
Flag Matthieu Lahaye4
Flag Jonathan Hirschi4
16.Flag Jean-Philippe Dayraut3
17.Flag Ralph Meichtry2
Flag Jeffrey van Hooydonk2
Flag Niccolò Nalio2
Flag César Campaniço2


1.Flag Dimitri Enjalbert30
2.Flag Mike Verschuur23
Flag Stefano Comini23
4.Flag Bas Schothorst19
5.Flag Michaël Rossi16
6.Flag Niccolò Nalio15
Flag Renaud Derlot15
8.Flag Matthieu Lahaye13
Flag Ludovic Badey13
Flag Pedro Petiz13
Flag Maxime Martin13
12.Flag Nicky Catsburg12
13.Flag Albert Costa Balboa11
Flag Mirko Bortolotti11
15.Flag César Campaniço10
Flag Kevin Gilardoni10
Flag Jonathan Hirschi10
18.Flag Jan Heylen9
Flag Pierre Thiriet9
20.Flag Jaap van Lagen8

Fastest laps

1.Flag Bas Schothorst16
2.Flag Dimitri Enjalbert15
3.Flag Stefano Comini10
4.Flag Mike Verschuur8
5.Flag Michaël Rossi7
Flag Jaap van Lagen7
Flag Mirko Bortolotti7
8.Flag Albert Costa Balboa6
Flag Nicky Catsburg6
10.Flag Jan Heylen5
Flag Matthieu Lahaye5
12.Flag Maxime Martin4
13.Flag Nicola Gianniberti3
Flag Jonathan Hirschi3
15.Flag Gregory Franchi2
Flag Jean-Philippe Dayraut2
Flag Marc Benz2
Flag César Campaniço2
Flag Pedro Petiz2
20.Flag Hoevert Vos1

Pole positions

1.Flag Stefano Comini16
2.Flag Dimitri Enjalbert13
Flag Mirko Bortolotti13
4.Flag Michaël Rossi10
Flag Nicky Catsburg10
6.Flag Albert Costa Balboa8
7.Flag Jaap van Lagen6
Flag Mike Verschuur6
9.Flag Jan Heylen4
Flag Bas Schothorst4
Flag Matthieu Lahaye4
Flag Maxime Martin4
Flag Renaud Derlot4
14.Flag Fabrice Walfisch3
Flag Kevin Gilardoni3
16.Flag Jeffrey van Hooydonk2
Flag Niccolò Nalio2
Flag Ludovic Badey2
Flag Marc Benz2
Flag Jonathan Hirschi2

Race starts

1.Flag Jean-Charles Miginiac106
2.Flag Rafael Unzurrunzaga74
3.Flag Wim Beelen71
4.Flag Jeroen Schothorst68
5.Flag Sébastien Dhouailly64
6.Flag Bernard ten Brinke63
7.Flag David Dermont59
Flag Matthieu Cheruy59
9.Flag Andreas Mayerl55
10.Flag Jean-Philippe Madonia54
Flag Dimitri Enjalbert54
12.Flag Angelo Baiguera52
13.Flag Pierre Hirschi47
14.Flag Matthieu Lahaye43
Flag Bas Schothorst43
16.Flag Harrie Kolen41
Flag Fabien Thuner41
Flag Pedro Petiz41
19.Flag Hoevert Vos40
Flag Fabrice Walfisch40

Race win percentage

1.Flag Mirko Bortolotti57.1%
2.Flag Albert Costa Balboa50%
3.Flag Stefano Comini45.5%
4.Flag Jan Heylen40%
5.Flag Jaap van Lagen28.6%
6.Flag Maxime Martin26.9%
7.Flag Nicky Catsburg25.9%
8.Flag Dimitri Enjalbert24.1%
9.Flag Mike Verschuur23.1%
10.Flag Jean-Philippe Dayraut18.8%
11.Flag Michaël Rossi17.9%
12.Flag Bas Schothorst16.3%
13.Flag Ludovic Badey14.3%
14.Flag Jeffrey van Hooydonk13.3%
15.Flag Jonathan Hirschi12.9%
16.Flag Gregory Franchi12.5%
17.Flag Pedro Petiz12.2%
18.Flag Matthieu Lahaye9.3%
19.Flag Bruce Lorgeré-Roux7.7%
20.Flag Pierre Thiriet7.4%
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