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InterSteps Championship statistics

This page handles statistics for the InterSteps Championship between the years 2011 and 2012.


1.Flag Matthew Parry13
2.Flag Jake Dennis8
Flag Matt Mason8
4.Flag Patryk Szczerbinski6
5.Flag Alex Walker3
6.Flag James Peace2
Flag Jack Aitken2
8.Flag Ed Jones1


1.Flag Matthew Parry21
2.Flag Matt Mason17
3.Flag Jake Dennis16
4.Flag Alex Walker13
Flag Jack Aitken13
6.Flag James Peace11
7.Flag Patryk Szczerbinski10
8.Flag Ed Jones9
9.Flag Cameron Twynham7
10.Flag Liam Venter3
Flag Lassi Halminen3
12.Flag Jan Schwitter2
Flag Sean Walkinshaw2
14.Flag Ash Robinson1
Flag James Fletcher1

Fastest laps

1.Flag Matthew Parry10
2.Flag Matt Mason9
3.Flag Jake Dennis5
Flag Alex Walker5
5.Flag Patryk Szczerbinski4
6.Flag James Peace3
Flag Ed Jones3
Flag Jack Aitken3
9.Flag Cameron Twynham1

Pole positions

1.Flag Matthew Parry13
2.Flag Jake Dennis7
Flag Matt Mason7
4.Flag Ed Jones5
5.Flag Alex Walker3
Flag Patryk Szczerbinski3
7.Flag James Peace2
Flag Jack Aitken2
9.Flag Lassi Halminen1

Race starts

1.Flag Matt Mason23
Flag Matthew Parry23
Flag James Peace23
Flag Jack Aitken23
Flag Cameron Twynham23
Flag Nikita Miliakov23
7.Flag Matteo Ferrer-Aza22
8.Flag Alex Walker20
Flag Liam Venter20
Flag Ed Jones20
Flag James Nutbrown20
Flag Sarah Moore20
Flag Patryk Szczerbinski20
Flag Jake Dennis20
15.Flag Jake Jackson18
16.Flag Lassi Halminen17
17.Flag Sean Walkinshaw14
18.Flag Corinna Kamper12
19.Flag Ash Robinson11
Flag Jan Schwitter11

Race win percentage

1.Flag Matthew Parry56.5%
2.Flag Jake Dennis40%
3.Flag Matt Mason34.8%
4.Flag Patryk Szczerbinski30%
5.Flag Alex Walker15%
6.Flag James Peace8.7%
Flag Jack Aitken8.7%
8.Flag Ed Jones5%
9.Flag Sean Walkinshaw0%
Flag Jan Schwitter0%
Flag Matteo Ferrer-Aza0%
Flag Cameron Twynham0%
Flag Jake Dalton0%
Flag Alice Powell0%
Flag Corinna Kamper0%
Flag Jake Jackson0%
Flag Anton Spires0%
Flag Jimmy Antunes0%
Flag James Nutbrown0%
Flag Ash Robinson0%
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