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GP3 Series statistics

This page handles statistics for the GP3 Series between the years 2010 and 2018.


1.Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer5
Flag Dean Stoneman5
Flag Esteban Gutiérrez5
4.Flag Alex Albon4
Flag Giuliano Alesi4
Flag António Félix da Costa4
Flag George Russell4
Flag Mitch Evans4
Flag Luca Ghiotto4
Flag Valtteri Bottas4
Flag Patric Niederhauser4
12.Flag Emil Bernstorff3
Flag David Beckmann3
Flag Daniil Kvyat3
Flag Nico Müller3
Flag Aaro Vainio3
Flag Rio Haryanto3
Flag Robert Wickens3
Flag Tio Ellinas3
Flag Nikita Mazepin3


1.Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer14
2.Flag Esteban Ocon13
Flag Jack Aitken13
Flag Anthoine Hubert13
5.Flag Emil Bernstorff11
Flag Conor Daly11
7.Flag Antonio Fuoco10
8.Flag Nick Yelloly9
Flag Nirei Fukuzumi9
Flag Esteban Gutiérrez9
11.Flag Mitch Evans8
Flag Giuliano Alesi8
Flag Alexander Sims8
Flag Alex Lynn8
Flag Aaro Vainio8
Flag Patric Niederhauser8
Flag Charles Leclerc8
18.Flag Alex Albon7
Flag Valtteri Bottas7
Flag Dean Stoneman7

Fastest laps

1.Flag Luca Ghiotto8
2.Flag Anthoine Hubert7
3.Flag Esteban Gutiérrez6
4.Flag António Félix da Costa5
Flag George Russell5
6.Flag Tio Ellinas4
Flag Charles Leclerc4
Flag Alex Albon4
Flag Esteban Ocon4
Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer4
Flag Nikita Mazepin4
Flag Daniil Kvyat4
Flag Mitch Evans4
14.Flag Alexander Sims3
Flag Robert Wickens3
Flag Adrian Quaife-Hobbs3
Flag Alex Lynn3
Flag Jack Aitken3
Flag Leonardo Pulcini3
Flag Valtteri Bottas3

Pole positions

1.Flag Mitch Evans6
2.Flag Luca Ghiotto5
3.Flag Charles Leclerc4
Flag George Russell4
5.Flag Esteban Ocon3
Flag Aaro Vainio3
Flag Alex Albon3
Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer3
Flag Esteban Gutiérrez3
10.Flag Alex Lynn2
Flag Leonardo Pulcini2
Flag Jimmy Eriksson2
Flag Anthoine Hubert2
Flag Daniil Kvyat2
Flag David Beckmann2
Flag Adrian Quaife-Hobbs2
Flag Nirei Fukuzumi2
Flag Nigel Melker2
Flag Jack Aitken2
20.Flag Nico Müller1

Race starts

1.Flag Alex Fontana56
2.Flag Robert Visoiu50
Flag Patric Niederhauser50
Flag Jimmy Eriksson50
Flag Nick Yelloly50
6.Flag Pål Varhaug49
Flag Tatiana Calderon49
8.Flag Conor Daly48
9.Flag Aaro Vainio46
Flag Giuliano Alesi46
11.Flag Carmen Jordá44
12.Flag Kevin Ceccon38
13.Flag Lewis Williamson37
14.Flag António Félix da Costa36
15.Flag Adderly Fong35
16.Flag Emil Bernstorff34
Flag Antonio Fuoco34
Flag Alex Palou34
Flag Jake Hughes34
Flag Luís Sá Silva34

Race win percentage

1.Flag Esteban Gutiérrez31.3%
2.Flag George Russell28.6%
3.Flag Adrien Tambay25%
Flag Valtteri Bottas25%
Flag Dean Stoneman25%
6.Flag Alex Albon22.2%
7.Flag Luca Ghiotto20%
Flag David Beckmann20%
9.Flag Daniil Kvyat18.8%
Flag Nikita Mazepin18.8%
Flag Robert Wickens18.8%
12.Flag Alex Lynn16.7%
Flag Charles Leclerc16.7%
14.Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer15.2%
15.Flag Richie Stanaway13.6%
16.Flag Mitch Evans12.5%
Flag Jack Harvey12.5%
Flag Callum Ilott12.5%
Flag Pedro Piquet12.5%
Flag Daniel Abt12.5%
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