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Formul'Academy Euro Series statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formul'Academy Euro Series between the years 2008 and 2009.


1.Flag Arthur Pic6
Flag Benjamin Bailly6
3.Flag Côme Ledogar4
4.Flag William Vermont3
5.Flag Vincent Beltoise2
6.Flag Ashley Babbra1
Flag Hugo Valente1
Flag Arno Santamato1
Flag Mike Courquin1
Flag Franck Matelli1
Flag Andrea Cecchellero1
Flag Yann Zimmer1


1.Flag Benjamin Bailly11
2.Flag Arthur Pic9
3.Flag Mike Courquin7
Flag Yann Zimmer7
5.Flag Côme Ledogar6
Flag Javier Tarancón6
7.Flag Ashley Babbra5
Flag Franck Matelli5
Flag William Vermont5
10.Flag Julien Deschamps4
Flag Arno Santamato4
Flag Vincent Beltoise4
13.Flag Jakub Klasterka2
Flag Andrea Cecchellero2
Flag Jordi Cunill2
Flag Hugo Valente2
17.Flag Thibaut Taquet1
Flag Paul Lanchere1
Flag Michaël Denis1

Fastest laps

1.Flag Arthur Pic6
2.Flag Côme Ledogar5
3.Flag Benjamin Bailly4
4.Flag Franck Matelli3
5.Flag Andrea Cecchellero2
Flag Yann Zimmer2
7.Flag Ashley Babbra1
Flag Vincent Beltoise1
Flag Mike Courquin1
Flag Fernando Monje Vicario1
Flag William Vermont1
Flag Julien Deschamps1

Pole positions

1.Flag Arthur Pic6
2.Flag Vincent Beltoise5
3.Flag Côme Ledogar3
Flag Benjamin Bailly3
5.Flag William Vermont2
Flag Yann Zimmer2
7.Flag Ashley Babbra1
Flag Arno Santamato1
Flag Mike Courquin1
Flag Andrea Cecchellero1
Flag Julien Deschamps1

Race starts

1.Flag Vincent Beltoise27
2.Flag Arthur Pic14
Flag Javier Tarancón14
Flag Mohamed Al Mutawaaa14
Flag Saeed Al Mehairi14
Flag Donald Choque14
Flag Mohammed Al Awadi14
Flag Clovis Roux14
Flag William Vermont14
Flag Elie Arseneau14
Flag Côme Ledogar14
Flag Ashley Babbra14
Flag Marc-Antoine Dannielou14
Flag Benjamin Bailly14
Flag Franck Matelli14
Flag Hugo Valente14
Flag Fernando Monje Vicario14
Flag David Assaad14
Flag Michaël Denis14
Flag Romain Vozniak14

Race win percentage

1.Flag Benjamin Bailly42.9%
Flag Arthur Pic42.9%
3.Flag Côme Ledogar28.6%
4.Flag William Vermont21.4%
5.Flag Mike Courquin7.7%
Flag Arno Santamato7.7%
7.Flag Vincent Beltoise7.4%
8.Flag Franck Matelli7.1%
Flag Ashley Babbra7.1%
Flag Andrea Cecchellero7.1%
Flag Hugo Valente7.1%
Flag Yann Zimmer7.1%
13.Flag Marc-Antoine Dannielou0%
Flag Maxime Pialat0%
Flag Elie Arseneau0%
Flag Adrien Iché0%
Flag David Assaad0%
Flag Boris Bouvier0%
Flag Gary Chalandon0%
Flag Michaël Denis0%
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