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Formula Renault V6 Eurocup statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Renault V6 Eurocup between the years 2003 and 2004.


1.Flag Neel Jani8
2.Flag José María López5
3.Flag Andrea Belicchi4
Flag Jaime Melo, Jr.4
5.Flag Giorgio Mondini3
Flag Kousuke Matsuura3
7.Flag Ryan Sharp2
Flag Christian Montanari2
9.Flag Damien Pasini1
Flag Robbie Kerr1
Flag Sven Barth1
Flag Jaap van Lagen1
Flag Alx Danielsson1
Flag Tristan Gommendy1


1.Flag Neel Jani20
2.Flag José María López12
3.Flag Ryan Sharp9
Flag Kousuke Matsuura9
Flag Andrea Belicchi9
6.Flag Tristan Gommendy8
Flag Giorgio Mondini8
8.Flag Jaime Melo, Jr.6
9.Flag Christian Montanari4
Flag Rob Bell4
11.Flag Damien Pasini3
Flag César Campaniço3
13.Flag Sven Barth2
Flag Jaap van Lagen2
Flag Stefano Proetto2
Flag Alx Danielsson2
Flag Matt Halliday2
Flag Bruce Lorgeré-Roux2
19.Flag Robbie Kerr1
Flag Hayanari Shimoda1

Fastest laps

1.Flag José María López8
2.Flag Neel Jani7
3.Flag Tristan Gommendy3
Flag Jaime Melo, Jr.3
5.Flag Ryan Sharp2
6.Flag Hayanari Shimoda1
Flag Rob Bell1
Flag Giorgio Mondini1
Flag Stefano Proetto1
Flag Robbie Kerr1
Flag Sven Barth1
Flag Kousuke Matsuura1

Pole positions

1.Flag Neel Jani10
2.Flag José María López9
3.Flag Giorgio Mondini3
Flag Tristan Gommendy3
5.Flag Rob Bell2
Flag Kousuke Matsuura2
7.Flag Ryan Sharp1
Flag Robbie Kerr1
Flag Christian Montanari1
Flag Jaap van Lagen1
Flag Andrea Belicchi1
Flag Matt Halliday1
Flag Jaime Melo, Jr.1

Race starts

1.Flag Neel Jani37
Flag Giorgio Mondini37
3.Flag Andrea Belicchi36
Flag Hayanari Shimoda36
5.Flag Damien Pasini34
6.Flag Edward Sandström33
7.Flag Ivan Bellarosa32
8.Flag Andrea Scafuro23
9.Flag José María López22
10.Flag Ryan Sharp21
11.Flag Stefano Proetto19
Flag Rob Bell19
Flag César Campaniço19
Flag Jaap van Lagen19
Flag Memo Rojas19
16.Flag Kousuke Matsuura18
Flag Jaime Melo, Jr.18
Flag Tristan Gommendy18
19.Flag Sven Barth17
Flag Fredy Lienhard jr.17

Race win percentage

1.Flag José María López22.7%
2.Flag Jaime Melo, Jr.22.2%
3.Flag Neel Jani21.6%
4.Flag Kousuke Matsuura16.7%
Flag Christian Montanari16.7%
6.Flag Andrea Belicchi11.1%
Flag Robbie Kerr11.1%
8.Flag Ryan Sharp9.5%
9.Flag Giorgio Mondini8.1%
10.Flag Alx Danielsson6.3%
11.Flag Sven Barth5.9%
12.Flag Tristan Gommendy5.6%
13.Flag Jaap van Lagen5.3%
14.Flag Damien Pasini2.9%
15.Flag Can Artam0%
Flag Stefano Proetto0%
Flag Rob Bell0%
Flag David Martinez Leon0%
Flag Hayanari Shimoda0%
Flag Dominic Cicero II0%
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