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Formula Renault V6 Asia statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Renault V6 Asia between the years 2006 and 2009.


1.Flag Karun Chandhok7
Flag Armaan Ebrahim7
3.Flag Hamad Al Fardan5
Flag Earl Bamber5
5.Flag James Grunwell4
6.Flag James Winslow3
7.Flag Matt Halliday2
Flag Ananda Mikola2
9.Flag Marchy Lee1
Flag Seth Ingham1
Flag Aaron Lim Say Joon1
Flag Hiroki Yoshimoto1
Flag Ro Charlz Skyangel1


1.Flag Armaan Ebrahim12
2.Flag James Grunwell10
3.Flag Karun Chandhok9
Flag Hamad Al Fardan9
Flag Ro Charlz Skyangel9
Flag James Winslow9
7.Flag Hanss Lin8
Flag Earl Bamber8
9.Flag Matt Halliday7
Flag Kevin Chen7
11.Flag Seth Ingham5
Flag Ananda Mikola5
13.Flag Hafiz Koh4
14.Flag Mark Williamson3
Flag Marchy Lee3
16.Flag Parthiva Sureshwaren2
Flag Aaron Lim Say Joon2
Flag Geoffrey Kwong2
Flag Adil Satryaguna Hermanto2
Flag Adderly Fong2

Fastest laps

1.Flag Earl Bamber6
2.Flag Matt Halliday5
3.Flag Hamad Al Fardan4
Flag Karun Chandhok4
5.Flag Marchy Lee3
Flag Armaan Ebrahim3
Flag James Winslow3
Flag James Grunwell3
9.Flag Hanss Lin2
Flag Aaron Lim Say Joon2
Flag Ro Charlz Skyangel2
12.Flag Seth Ingham1
Flag Hiroki Yoshimoto1
Flag Kevin Chen1

Pole positions

1.Flag Karun Chandhok4
2.Flag Earl Bamber3
3.Flag Hamad Al Fardan2
Flag James Winslow2
Flag James Grunwell2
6.Flag Matt Halliday1
Flag Marchy Lee1
Flag Aaron Lim Say Joon1
Flag Hiroki Yoshimoto1
Flag Kevin Chen1
Flag Ro Charlz Skyangel1

Race starts

1.Flag Hafiz Koh29
2.Flag Kevin Chen21
Flag Jeffrey Lee21
Flag Hanss Lin21
5.Flag Michael Ho Hon Keong18
Flag Armaan Ebrahim18
7.Flag Earl Bamber16
Flag Seth Ingham16
9.Flag Ro Charlz Skyangel15
10.Flag Robin Tato14
11.Flag Adderly Fong13
Flag Mark Williamson13
13.Flag James Grunwell12
Flag Hamad Al Fardan12
Flag Ananda Mikola12
Flag Karun Chandhok12
17.Flag James Winslow10
Flag Adil Satryaguna Hermanto10
Flag Matt Halliday10
20.Flag Denis Lian9

Race win percentage

1.Flag Karun Chandhok58.3%
2.Flag Hiroki Yoshimoto50%
Flag Aaron Lim Say Joon50%
4.Flag Hamad Al Fardan41.7%
5.Flag Armaan Ebrahim38.9%
6.Flag James Grunwell33.3%
7.Flag Earl Bamber31.3%
8.Flag James Winslow30%
9.Flag Matt Halliday20%
10.Flag Ananda Mikola16.7%
11.Flag Marchy Lee12.5%
12.Flag Ro Charlz Skyangel6.7%
13.Flag Seth Ingham6.3%
14.Flag Hafiz Koh0%
Flag Jeffrey Lee0%
Flag Ken Lee0%
Flag Denis Lian0%
Flag Daisuke Ikeda0%
Flag Michael Ho Hon Keong0%
Flag Adderly Fong0%
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