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Formula Renault 2.0 WEC statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Renault 2.0 WEC between the years 2008 and 2009.


1.Flag Daniel Ricciardo8
Flag Albert Costa8
3.Flag Roberto Merhi3
Flag Andrea Caldarelli3
Flag Jean-Eric Vergne3
6.Flag Nathanaël Berthon2
7.Flag Benjamin Lariche1
Flag Julien Abelli1


1.Flag Jean-Eric Vergne14
2.Flag Roberto Merhi13
Flag Albert Costa13
4.Flag Daniel Ricciardo11
5.Flag Andrea Caldarelli9
6.Flag Miki Monras8
Flag Nathanaël Berthon8
8.Flag Tristan Vautier2
Flag Arthur Pic2
Flag Julien Abelli2
Flag Carlos Muñoz2
12.Flag Benjamin Lariche1
Flag Anton Nebylitskiy1
Flag Ramez Azzam1

Fastest laps

1.Flag Albert Costa10
2.Flag Daniel Ricciardo7
3.Flag Roberto Merhi6
4.Flag Nathanaël Berthon2
5.Flag Jake Rosenzweig1
Flag Andrea Caldarelli1
Flag Miki Monras1
Flag Arthur Pic1

Pole positions

1.Flag Albert Costa9
Flag Daniel Ricciardo9
3.Flag Roberto Merhi5
4.Flag Jean-Eric Vergne2
5.Flag Miki Monras1
Flag Arthur Pic1
Flag Julien Abelli1
Flag Nathanaël Berthon1

Race starts

1.Flag Nathanaël Berthon29
Flag Benjamin Lariche29
Flag Miki Monras29
Flag Jean-Eric Vergne29
Flag Albert Costa29
6.Flag Ramez Azzam27
7.Flag Julien Abelli25
Flag Mikel Otegi25
9.Flag Bastien Borget16
10.Flag Pablo Montilla15
Flag Andrea Caldarelli15
Flag Daniel Ricciardo15
Flag Anton Nebylitskiy15
Flag Richard Campollo15
Flag Jake Rosenzweig15
Flag Antony Tardieu15
Flag Roberto Merhi15
Flag Ashley Walsh15
Flag Daniel McKenzie15
Flag Tristan Vautier15

Race win percentage

1.Flag Daniel Ricciardo53.3%
2.Flag Albert Costa27.6%
3.Flag Andrea Caldarelli20%
Flag Roberto Merhi20%
5.Flag Jean-Eric Vergne10.3%
6.Flag Nathanaël Berthon6.9%
7.Flag Julien Abelli4%
8.Flag Benjamin Lariche3.5%
9.Flag Pablo Montilla0%
Flag Anton Nebylitskiy0%
Flag Ramez Azzam0%
Flag Richard Campollo0%
Flag Jake Rosenzweig0%
Flag Antony Tardieu0%
Flag Arno Santamato0%
Flag Ashley Walsh0%
Flag Benjamin Bailly0%
Flag Gabriel Dias0%
Flag Daniel McKenzie0%
Flag Dean Smith0%
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