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Formula Renault 2.0 UK statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Renault 2.0 UK between the years 2000 and 2011.


1.Flag Lewis Hamilton13
2.Flag Alex Lynn12
3.Flag Dean Smith10
4.Flag Mike Conway9
Flag Duncan Tappy9
Flag James Calado9
Flag Danny Watts9
8.Flag Sebastian Hohenthal8
Flag Patrick Hogan8
10.Flag Kimi Räikkönen7
Flag Adam Christodoulou7
12.Flag Westley Barber6
Flag Sean McIntosh6
14.Flag Lewis Williamson5
Flag Will Bratt5
Flag Adriano Buzaid5
Flag Paul Di Resta5
Flag Alexander Storckenfeldt5
Flag Oliver Jarvis5
20.Flag Richard Antinucci4


1.Flag Dean Smith29
2.Flag Mike Conway21
3.Flag Riki Christodoulou20
Flag Patrick Hogan20
Flag Lewis Hamilton20
6.Flag Danny Watts18
Flag Sebastian Hohenthal18
8.Flag Adam Christodoulou17
Flag Dean Stoneman17
10.Flag Alex Lynn16
Flag James Calado16
Flag Duncan Tappy16
13.Flag Alexander Sims15
14.Flag Tio Ellinas14
15.Flag Oliver Rowland13
Flag Tom Sisley13
17.Flag Tom Blomqvist12
Flag Sean McIntosh12
Flag Oliver Jarvis12
20.Flag Westley Barber11

Fastest laps

1.Flag Mike Conway15
2.Flag Lewis Hamilton14
Flag Dean Smith14
4.Flag Sebastian Hohenthal12
5.Flag Alex Lynn10
6.Flag Duncan Tappy9
7.Flag James Calado7
Flag Kimi Räikkönen7
Flag Tom Blomqvist7
10.Flag James Jakes6
Flag Patrick Hogan6
Flag Danny Watts6
13.Flag Sam Bird5
Flag Adriano Buzaid5
Flag Riki Christodoulou5
16.Flag Lewis Williamson4
Flag Richard Antinucci4
Flag Harry Tincknell4
Flag Adam Christodoulou4
Flag Westley Barber4

Pole positions

1.Flag Dean Smith14
Flag Lewis Hamilton14
Flag Alex Lynn14
4.Flag James Calado12
5.Flag Mike Conway10
6.Flag Adam Christodoulou9
7.Flag Sebastian Hohenthal7
Flag Sam Bird7
Flag Duncan Tappy7
10.Flag Westley Barber6
Flag Patrick Hogan6
Flag Carl Breeze6
Flag Alexander Storckenfeldt6
Flag Kimi Räikkönen6
Flag Adriano Buzaid6
Flag Paul Di Resta6
17.Flag Danny Watts5
Flag Lewis Williamson5
19.Flag Richard Antinucci4
Flag Harry Tincknell4

Race starts

1.Flag Jordan Oakes63
Flag Franky Cheng Congfu63
3.Flag Will Bratt62
4.Flag Patrick Hogan60
5.Flag Thomas Hylkema59
6.Flag Jeremy Metcalfe58
Flag Dean Smith58
8.Flag Dan Welch56
Flag David Epton56
Flag Jason Tahinci56
11.Flag Alexander Storckenfeldt55
12.Flag Riki Christodoulou51
13.Flag Susie Wolff48
14.Flag Charlie Hollings45
15.Flag Will Stevens44
16.Flag Kris Loane42
17.Flag Sean McIntosh40
Flag Sebastian Hohenthal40
Flag Stuart Hall40
Flag James Sutton40

Race win percentage

1.Flag Kimi Räikkönen70%
2.Flag Lewis Hamilton46.4%
3.Flag Richard Antinucci30.8%
4.Flag Westley Barber30%
Flag Alex Lynn30%
6.Flag Mike Conway25.7%
7.Flag Duncan Tappy25%
8.Flag Danny Watts24.3%
9.Flag James Calado22.5%
10.Flag Sebastian Hohenthal20%
Flag Sam Bird20%
Flag Oliver Rowland20%
13.Flag Adam Christodoulou17.5%
14.Flag Dean Smith17.2%
15.Flag Carl Breeze16%
16.Flag Jamie Green15.4%
Flag Heikki Kovalainen15.4%
18.Flag Sean McIntosh15%
Flag Tom Blomqvist15%
20.Flag Yelmer Buurman13.6%
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