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Formula Renault 2.0 UK BARC statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Renault 2.0 UK BARC between the years 2005 and 2014.


1.Flag Pietro Fittipaldi10
2.Flag Kieren Clark8
Flag Josh Webster8
4.Flag Dino Zamparelli7
5.Flag Nick Wilcox6
Flag Hywel Lloyd6
Flag Chris Middlehurst6
Flag Ollie Hancock6
Flag Richard Singleton6
10.Flag Weiron Tan5
Flag Seb Morris5
12.Flag Johannes Seidlitz4
13.Flag Mitchell Hale3
Flag Dean Stoneman3
Flag James Theodore3
Flag Rossi Worswick3
Flag Matt Russell3
Flag Scott Malvern3
Flag Jordan Oakes3
20.Flag James Thorp2


1.Flag Josh Webster22
2.Flag Dino Zamparelli17
3.Flag Chris Middlehurst15
4.Flag Ollie Hancock13
5.Flag Piers Hickin12
Flag Pietro Fittipaldi12
7.Flag Nick Wilcox11
Flag Scott Malvern11
Flag Richard Singleton11
10.Flag Weiron Tan9
Flag Ahmad Al Harthy9
Flag Dean Stirling9
Flag Kieren Clark9
Flag Dean Stoneman9
Flag Alex Gill9
Flag Hywel Lloyd9
Flag Rossi Worswick9
18.Flag Matt Russell8
Flag Matteo Ferrer-Aza8
20.Flag Joseph Reilly7

Fastest laps

1.Flag Kieren Clark9
2.Flag Josh Webster7
Flag Ollie Hancock7
Flag Scott Malvern7
Flag Pietro Fittipaldi7
Flag Matt Russell7
7.Flag Weiron Tan6
Flag Mitchell Hale6
Flag Dino Zamparelli6
10.Flag Matteo Ferrer-Aza5
Flag Chris Middlehurst5
12.Flag Jordan Oakes4
Flag Nick Wilcox4
Flag James Theodore4
Flag Seb Morris4
Flag Rossi Worswick4
17.Flag Isa Yousif3
Flag Richard Singleton3
19.Flag Alex Gill2
Flag Hywel Lloyd2

Pole positions

1.Flag Dino Zamparelli9
2.Flag Matt Russell8
Flag Kieren Clark8
4.Flag Josh Webster7
Flag Seb Morris7
Flag Richard Singleton7
7.Flag Weiron Tan6
8.Flag James Theodore5
Flag Matteo Ferrer-Aza5
Flag Alex Gill5
11.Flag Mitchell Hale4
Flag Ollie Hancock4
Flag Menasheh Idafar4
Flag Chris Middlehurst4
15.Flag Pietro Fittipaldi3
Flag Dean Stoneman3
Flag Hywel Lloyd3
18.Flag Nathan Coulter2
Flag Isa Yousif2
Flag Ahmad Al Harthy2

Race starts

1.Flag Kourosh Khani48
2.Flag Josh Webster38
3.Flag Andrew Jarman36
4.Flag Ahmad Al Harthy35
Flag Ivan Taranov35
6.Flag Steven Durrant34
7.Flag Pierre Renom33
8.Flag James Theodore32
9.Flag Pietro Fittipaldi31
Flag Denis Autier31
11.Flag Jorge Cevallos30
12.Flag Martin Cao29
Flag Chris Middlehurst29
14.Flag Matteo Ferrer-Aza28
Flag Henrique Baptista28
Flag Tom Oliphant28
17.Flag Shahan Sarkissian27
Flag Brett Parris27
19.Flag Dino Zamparelli26
Flag David Wagner26

Race win percentage

1.Flag Nick Wilcox54.6%
2.Flag Richard Singleton50%
Flag Euan Alers-Hankey50%
4.Flag Kieren Clark40%
5.Flag Seb Morris35.7%
6.Flag Alex Morgan33.3%
Flag Johannes Seidlitz33.3%
8.Flag Pietro Fittipaldi32.3%
9.Flag Weiron Tan31.3%
10.Flag Jordan Oakes30%
11.Flag Ollie Hancock27.3%
Flag Matt Russell27.3%
13.Flag Dino Zamparelli26.9%
14.Flag Mitchell Hale25%
Flag Hywel Lloyd25%
16.Flag Scott Malvern21.4%
17.Flag Josh Webster21.1%
18.Flag Chris Middlehurst20.7%
19.Flag Dean Stoneman20%
20.Flag Joseph Reilly18.2%
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