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Formula Renault 2.0 Switzerland statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Renault 2.0 Switzerland between the years 2007 and 2010.


1.Flag Nico Müller10
2.Flag Zoël Amberg6
3.Flag Pål Varhaug4
Flag Christopher Zanella4
5.Flag Yann Zimmer3
Flag Bastien Borget3
Flag Giovanni Venturini3
8.Flag Simon Trummer2
Flag Alessandro Vita Kouzkin2
Flag Michele Faccin2
Flag Federico Rossi2
Flag Adam Kout2
13.Flag Yair Godinez1
Flag Genís Olivé1
Flag Stefano Comini1
Flag Matei Mihaescu1
Flag Ronnie Theiler1


1.Flag Nico Müller15
2.Flag Zoël Amberg11
3.Flag Giovanni Venturini10
4.Flag Yann Zimmer9
Flag Simon Trummer9
Flag Christopher Zanella9
7.Flag Adam Kout8
Flag Yair Godinez8
9.Flag Bastien Borget7
Flag Federico Rossi7
Flag Pål Varhaug7
12.Flag Stefano Comini5
Flag Ronnie Theiler5
Flag Michele Faccin5
15.Flag Thiemo Storz4
Flag Giacomo Barri4
17.Flag Fabien Thuner3
Flag Genís Olivé3
Flag Federico Gibbin3
20.Flag Matei Mihaescu2

Fastest laps

1.Flag Nico Müller8
2.Flag Michele Faccin5
Flag Bastien Borget5
Flag Christopher Zanella5
5.Flag Adam Kout4
Flag Yann Zimmer4
Flag Yair Godinez4
8.Flag Giovanni Venturini3
9.Flag Federico Rossi2
10.Flag Simon Trummer1
Flag Alessandro Vita Kouzkin1
Flag Fabien Thuner1
Flag Federico Gibbin1
Flag Zoël Amberg1
Flag Maxim Zimin1
Flag Sam Looijenstein1
Flag Pål Varhaug1

Pole positions

1.Flag Nico Müller9
2.Flag Federico Rossi5
Flag Yann Zimmer5
4.Flag Simon Trummer4
Flag Yair Godinez4
Flag Bastien Borget4
7.Flag Pål Varhaug3
Flag Giovanni Venturini3
9.Flag Michele Faccin2
Flag Christopher Zanella2
Flag Zoël Amberg2
12.Flag Ronnie Theiler1
Flag Matei Mihaescu1
Flag Genís Olivé1
Flag Alessandro Vita Kouzkin1

Race starts

1.Flag Kurt Böhlen46
2.Flag Federico Gibbin40
3.Flag Thomas Amweg34
4.Flag Fabien Thuner30
5.Flag Frank Suntjens29
6.Flag Alberto Cola24
Flag Francesco Baroni24
Flag Simon Trummer24
Flag Giacomo Barri24
Flag Nico Müller24
11.Flag Pietro Gandolfi23
12.Flag Zoël Amberg22
Flag Antonino Pellegrino22
14.Flag Beat Wittwer20
15.Flag Alberto Bassi19
16.Flag Stefano Comini18
17.Flag Christopher Zanella16
18.Flag Antonio Loprieno15
19.Flag Joel Volluz13
Flag Eddy Roosens13

Race win percentage

1.Flag Nico Müller41.7%
2.Flag Pål Varhaug33.3%
3.Flag Zoël Amberg27.3%
4.Flag Yann Zimmer25%
Flag Christopher Zanella25%
Flag Giovanni Venturini25%
Flag Bastien Borget25%
8.Flag Michele Faccin20%
Flag Alessandro Vita Kouzkin20%
10.Flag Federico Rossi16.7%
Flag Adam Kout16.7%
12.Flag Genís Olivé10%
13.Flag Simon Trummer8.3%
Flag Matei Mihaescu8.3%
Flag Ronnie Theiler8.3%
Flag Yair Godinez8.3%
17.Flag Stefano Comini5.6%
18.Flag Francisco Viel Bugliotti0%
Flag Antonino Pellegrino0%
Flag Fabien Thuner0%
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