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Formula Renault 2.0 Germany statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Renault 2.0 Germany between the years 2001 and 2005.


1.Flag Ryan Sharp5
Flag Pascal Kochem5
3.Flag Renger van der Zande4
Flag Scott Speed4
Flag Filipe Albuquerque4
Flag Hendrik Vieth4
Flag Esteban Guerrieri4
Flag Christian Klien4
9.Flag Bruno Spengler3
Flag Pekka Saarinen3
Flag Frank Kechele3
Flag Colin Fleming3
13.Flag Charles Zwolsman, Jr.2
Flag Marc Walz2
Flag Marcel Lasée2
16.Flag Ross Zwolsman1
Flag Marc Benz1
Flag Hannes Lachinger1
Flag Vitantonio Liuzzi1
Flag Fabian Denner1


1.Flag Pekka Saarinen13
2.Flag Scott Speed11
3.Flag Mikhail Aleshin10
Flag Christian Klien10
Flag Pascal Kochem10
6.Flag Ryan Sharp9
Flag Hendrik Vieth9
Flag Bruno Spengler9
9.Flag Filipe Albuquerque8
Flag Colin Fleming8
Flag Robert Schlünssen8
12.Flag Reinhard Kofler7
13.Flag Esteban Guerrieri6
Flag Kasper Andersen6
Flag Charles Zwolsman, Jr.6
16.Flag Andreas Feichtner5
Flag Marc Walz5
Flag Marcel Lasée5
Flag Bruno Fechner5
Flag Renger van der Zande5

Fastest laps

1.Flag Christian Klien7
2.Flag Filipe Albuquerque5
Flag Ryan Sharp5
4.Flag Pascal Kochem4
5.Flag Marcel Lasée3
Flag Récardo Bruins Choi3
Flag Marc Walz3
Flag Colin Fleming3
Flag Vitantonio Liuzzi3
10.Flag Alexandros Margaritis2
Flag Ross Zwolsman2
Flag Takuya Izawa2
Flag Reinhard Kofler2
Flag Renger van der Zande2
Flag Michael Ammermüller2
Flag Mikhail Aleshin2
Flag Atte Mustonen2
Flag Scott Speed2
19.Flag Rico Zschemisch1
Flag Franck Perera1

Pole positions

1.Flag Filipe Albuquerque6
Flag Ryan Sharp6
3.Flag Pascal Kochem5
4.Flag Hendrik Vieth4
5.Flag Scott Speed3
Flag Renger van der Zande3
Flag Mikhail Aleshin3
8.Flag Christian Klien2
Flag Frank Kechele2
Flag Robert Schlünssen2
Flag Charles Zwolsman, Jr.2
Flag Colin Fleming2
Flag Marcel Lasée2
Flag Marc Benz2
Flag Pekka Saarinen2
16.Flag Esteban Guerrieri1
Flag Bruno Spengler1
Flag Andreas Feichtner1
Flag Vitantonio Liuzzi1
Flag Récardo Bruins Choi1

Race starts

1.Flag Pekka Saarinen44
Flag Mikhail Aleshin44
3.Flag Marco Dürr41
4.Flag Robert Schlünssen36
Flag Marcel Engels36
6.Flag Andreas Feichtner30
7.Flag Bruno Fechner29
8.Flag Ross Zwolsman28
Flag Marc Walz28
Flag Pascal Kochem28
Flag Roland Schmid28
Flag Dima Raikhlin28
Flag Hendrik Vieth28
14.Flag Frank Kechele26
Flag Reinhard Kofler26
16.Flag Christopher Brück24
Flag Dennis Furchheim24
18.Flag Thomas Conrad23
19.Flag Jos Menten22
Flag Andreas Zuber22

Race win percentage

1.Flag Ryan Sharp35.7%
2.Flag Scott Speed28.6%
Flag Charles Zwolsman, Jr.28.6%
Flag Christian Klien28.6%
Flag Filipe Albuquerque28.6%
6.Flag Marcel Lasée25%
Flag Marc Benz25%
Flag Esteban Guerrieri25%
9.Flag Renger van der Zande22.2%
10.Flag Colin Fleming21.4%
Flag Bruno Spengler21.4%
12.Flag Pascal Kochem17.9%
13.Flag Hendrik Vieth14.3%
14.Flag Vitantonio Liuzzi12.5%
15.Flag Frank Kechele11.5%
16.Flag Récardo Bruins Choi10%
17.Flag Marc Walz7.1%
Flag Hannes Lachinger7.1%
19.Flag Pekka Saarinen6.8%
20.Flag Atte Mustonen6.3%
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