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Formula Renault 2.0 Brazil statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Renault 2.0 Brazil between the years 2002 and 2006.


1.Flag Felipe Lapenna7
2.Flag Nelson Merlo6
3.Flag Paulo Salustiano5
Flag Allam Khodair5
5.Flag Alan Hellmeister4
Flag Alexandre Foizer4
7.Flag Renato Jader David3
Flag Marcos Gomes3
Flag Ana "Bia" Figueiredo3
Flag Daniel Serra3
11.Flag Douglas Soares2
Flag Lucas Di Grassi2
Flag Patrick Rocha2
Flag Carlos Iaconelli2
15.Flag Diego Nunes1
Flag Galid Osman1
Flag Vinicius Quadros1
Flag Mario Romancini1
Flag Carlos Henrique Rosin1
Flag Eduardo Santos1


1.Flag Felipe Lapenna18
2.Flag Ana "Bia" Figueiredo15
3.Flag Paulo Salustiano14
4.Flag Nelson Merlo11
Flag Douglas Soares11
Flag Daniel Serra11
Flag Marcos Gomes11
8.Flag Alexandre Foizer10
9.Flag Allam Khodair9
10.Flag Alan Hellmeister8
11.Flag Sérgio Jimenez7
12.Flag Renato Jader David6
Flag Lucas Di Grassi6
14.Flag Diego Freitas5
Flag Vinicius Quadros5
16.Flag André Sousa4
Flag Carlos Iaconelli4
Flag Patrick Rocha4
19.Flag Galid Osman3
Flag Diego Nunes3

Fastest laps

1.Flag Alan Hellmeister7
2.Flag Nelson Merlo5
3.Flag Ana "Bia" Figueiredo4
Flag Felipe Lapenna4
5.Flag Allam Khodair3
Flag Patrick Rocha3
Flag Marcello Thomaz3
Flag Marcos Gomes3
Flag Andre Prioste3
Flag Claudio Cantelli Jr.3
11.Flag Renato Jader David2
Flag Anderson Faria2
Flag Vinicius Quadros2
Flag Galid Osman2
Flag Douglas Soares2
Flag Daniel Serra2
Flag Diego Nunes2
18.Flag Sérgio Alves1
Flag Paulo Salustiano1
Flag Carlos Domingos1

Pole positions

1.Flag Allam Khodair6
2.Flag Alexandre Foizer5
Flag Marcos Gomes5
Flag Daniel Serra5
5.Flag Douglas Soares4
Flag Nelson Merlo4
Flag Ana "Bia" Figueiredo4
8.Flag Vinicius Quadros3
9.Flag Diego Nunes2
Flag Felipe Lapenna2
Flag Galid Osman2
Flag Andre Prioste2
Flag Sérgio Jimenez2
Flag Marcello Thomaz2
Flag Alan Hellmeister2
Flag Renato Jader David2
17.Flag André Sousa1
Flag Carlos Iaconelli1
Flag Vinicius Canhedo1
Flag Nelson Piquet Jr.1

Race starts

1.Flag Felipe Lapenna53
2.Flag Douglas Soares52
3.Flag Paulo Salustiano49
4.Flag Anderson Faria41
5.Flag Ana "Bia" Figueiredo40
6.Flag Gustavo Foizer37
7.Flag Alexandre Foizer35
8.Flag Daniel Serra32
9.Flag Marcos Gomes31
10.Flag Diego Nunes30
11.Flag André Sousa28
12.Flag Renato Jader David26
13.Flag Igor Ciampi24
Flag Leonardo de Souza24
15.Flag Marcello Thomaz23
16.Flag William Starostik22
Flag Diego Freitas22
Flag Patrick Rocha22
Flag Allam Khodair22
Flag Galid Osman22

Race win percentage

1.Flag Robert Kubica100%
2.Flag Nelson Merlo35.3%
3.Flag Allam Khodair22.7%
4.Flag Lucas Di Grassi20%
5.Flag Alan Hellmeister19.1%
6.Flag Carlos Iaconelli13.3%
7.Flag Felipe Lapenna13.2%
8.Flag Eduardo Santos12.5%
9.Flag Renato Jader David11.5%
10.Flag Alexandre Foizer11.4%
11.Flag Paulo Salustiano10.2%
12.Flag Marcos Gomes9.7%
13.Flag Daniel Serra9.4%
14.Flag Patrick Rocha9.1%
15.Flag Mario Romancini7.7%
Flag Andre Prioste7.7%
17.Flag Ana "Bia" Figueiredo7.5%
18.Flag Vinicius Quadros6.7%
19.Flag Carlos Henrique Rosin5.6%
Flag Lucas Schowanbach5.6%
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