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Formula Renault 1.6 Belgium statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Renault 1.6 Belgium between the years 2007 and 2007.


1.Flag Niels Cox3
2.Flag Jean-Philippe Grandsire2
Flag Karline Stala2
Flag Kevin Demaerschalk2
5.Flag David de Saeger1
Flag Gary Hauser1
Flag Doru Sechelariu1


1.Flag Karline Stala10
2.Flag Niels Cox7
3.Flag Gary Hauser4
Flag Kevin Demaerschalk4
5.Flag David de Saeger2
Flag Jean-Philippe Grandsire2
Flag Doru Sechelariu2
Flag Eliott Bachelart2
9.Flag Eddy Roosens1
Flag Nicolas de Crem1
Flag Jack Piper1

Fastest laps

1.Flag Kevin Demaerschalk5
2.Flag Doru Sechelariu2
Flag Karline Stala2
4.Flag Jean-Philippe Grandsire1
Flag Jack Piper1
Flag Niels Cox1

Pole positions

1.Flag Niels Cox3
2.Flag Kevin Demaerschalk2
3.Flag Jean-Philippe Grandsire1

Race starts

1.Flag Niels Cox12
Flag Gary Hauser12
Flag Jean-Philippe Grandsire12
Flag Valerie Theuwissen12
Flag Doru Sechelariu12
Flag Karline Stala12
Flag Jack Piper12
8.Flag Yannick Roggeman11
9.Flag Jürgen Elbracht10
Flag Kevin Demaerschalk10
Flag Eddy Roosens10
Flag David de Saeger10
13.Flag Nicolas de Crem6
Flag Jordy Dodemont6
15.Flag Arthur Pic4
Flag Nicolas Dervisaj4
17.Flag Eliott Bachelart2
Flag Kévin Cuoco2
Flag Mathias Grooten2
Flag Côme Ledogar2

Race win percentage

1.Flag Niels Cox25%
2.Flag Kevin Demaerschalk20%
3.Flag Jean-Philippe Grandsire16.7%
Flag Karline Stala16.7%
5.Flag David de Saeger10%
6.Flag Gary Hauser8.3%
Flag Doru Sechelariu8.3%
8.Flag Yannick Roggeman0%
Flag Côme Ledogar0%
Flag Mathias Grooten0%
Flag Kévin Cuoco0%
Flag Jordy Dodemont0%
Flag Nicolas Dervisaj0%
Flag Arthur Pic0%
Flag Eliott Bachelart0%
Flag Valerie Theuwissen0%
Flag Jack Piper0%
Flag Nicolas de Crem0%
Flag Eddy Roosens0%
Flag Jürgen Elbracht0%
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