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Formula Pilota China statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Pilota China between the years 2011 and 2012.


1.Flag Mathéo Tuscher8
2.Flag Antonio Giovinazzi6
3.Flag Dan Wells3
Flag Shota Kiyohara3
Flag Parth Ghorpade3
6.Flag Luís Sá Silva2
7.Flag Nobuharu Matsushita1
Flag Lorenzo Camplese1
Flag Ren Nagabuchi1
Flag Sean Gelael1
Flag Hai Tao Yin 1


1.Flag Antonio Giovinazzi13
2.Flag Mathéo Tuscher9
Flag Dan Wells9
4.Flag Parth Ghorpade8
5.Flag Sean Gelael6
Flag Dustin Sofyan6
7.Flag Luís Sá Silva5
8.Flag Raj Bharath Swaminathan4
Flag Ren Nagabuchi4
Flag Nobuharu Matsushita4
Flag Shota Kiyohara4
12.Flag Lorenzo Camplese2
Flag Zou Si Rui2
Flag Si Rui Zou2
Flag Tin Sritrai2
Flag Zhi Cong Li2
Flag Robert Visoiu2
18.Flag Hai Tao Yin 1
Flag Aidan Wright1
Flag Lucas Auer1

Fastest laps

1.Flag Mathéo Tuscher7
Flag Antonio Giovinazzi7
3.Flag Shota Kiyohara3
Flag Sean Gelael3
5.Flag Nobuharu Matsushita2
Flag Dan Wells2
Flag Parth Ghorpade2
8.Flag Lucas Auer1
Flag Luís Sá Silva1
Flag Dustin Sofyan1
Flag Hai Tao Yin 1

Pole positions

1.Flag Mathéo Tuscher4
Flag Antonio Giovinazzi4
3.Flag Shota Kiyohara3
4.Flag Aidan Wright2
5.Flag Nobuharu Matsushita1
Flag Lorenzo Camplese1
Flag Dan Wells1
Flag Parth Ghorpade1
Flag Sean Gelael1

Race starts

1.Flag Antonio Giovinazzi18
Flag Sean Gelael18
Flag Dan Wells18
Flag Ren Nagabuchi18
Flag Raj Bharath Swaminathan18
Flag Parth Ghorpade18
Flag Hai Tao Yin 18
8.Flag Zheng Sun15
9.Flag Angelo Negro13
10.Flag Si Rui Zou12
Flag Mathéo Tuscher12
Flag Alexandra Asmasoebrata12
Flag Patrice Bonzom12
Flag Dustin Sofyan12
Flag Luís Sá Silva12
Flag Tin Sritrai12
Flag Zhi Cong Li12
18.Flag Zou Si Rui11
19.Flag Nobuharu Matsushita10
20.Flag Afiq Ikhwan Yazid9

Race win percentage

1.Flag Mathéo Tuscher66.7%
2.Flag Shota Kiyohara50%
3.Flag Antonio Giovinazzi33.3%
4.Flag Lorenzo Camplese25%
5.Flag Dan Wells16.7%
Flag Luís Sá Silva16.7%
Flag Parth Ghorpade16.7%
8.Flag Nobuharu Matsushita10%
9.Flag Sean Gelael5.6%
Flag Hai Tao Yin 5.6%
Flag Ren Nagabuchi5.6%
12.Flag Patrice Bonzom0%
Flag Jimmy Antunes0%
Flag Angelo Negro0%
Flag Alexandra Asmasoebrata0%
Flag Lucas Auer0%
Flag Tin Sritrai0%
Flag Zhi Cong Li0%
Flag Naomi Ran Zhang0%
Flag Bo Yuan0%
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