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Formula Palmer Audi statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Palmer Audi between the years 2007 and 2010.


1.Flag Tom Bradshaw8
2.Flag Maxime Jousse7
3.Flag Tim Bridgman6
Flag Jason Moore6
Flag Richard Plant6
Flag Tristan Vautier6
7.Flag Jack Clarke4
Flag Stefan Wilson4
Flag Luciano Bacheta4
Flag Jolyon Palmer4
Flag Ramón Piñeiro4
12.Flag Kieran Vernon3
Flag Nigel Moore3
14.Flag Richard Keen2
Flag Felix Rosenqvist2
Flag Josef Newgarden2
Flag José Alonso Liste2
Flag Kazimieras Vasiliauskas2
Flag Matthew Hamilton2
20.Flag Melroy Heemskerk1


1.Flag Jason Moore19
2.Flag Tom Bradshaw17
Flag Jolyon Palmer17
4.Flag Richard Plant16
5.Flag Tim Bridgman14
Flag Maxime Jousse14
7.Flag Jack Clarke13
8.Flag Ramón Piñeiro12
Flag Nigel Moore12
10.Flag Kazimieras Vasiliauskas11
11.Flag Stefan Wilson9
Flag Luciano Bacheta9
Flag Tristan Vautier9
Flag José Alonso Liste9
15.Flag Adam Foster8
16.Flag Matthew Hamilton6
Flag Kieran Vernon6
18.Flag Paul Rees5
19.Flag Melroy Heemskerk4
Flag Emma Kimiläinen4

Fastest laps

1.Flag Tom Bradshaw7
Flag Maxime Jousse7
Flag Richard Plant7
Flag Jason Moore7
5.Flag José Alonso Liste6
Flag Tristan Vautier6
Flag Stefan Wilson6
Flag Jolyon Palmer6
9.Flag Matthew Hamilton4
Flag Jack Clarke4
11.Flag Tim Bridgman2
Flag Ivan Lukashevich2
Flag Callum Holland2
Flag Felix Rosenqvist2
Flag Ramón Piñeiro2
Flag Kieran Vernon2
17.Flag Richard Keen1
Flag Alex Brundle1
Flag Adam Foster1
Flag Thiemo Storz1

Pole positions

1.Flag Tom Bradshaw6
Flag Jolyon Palmer6
3.Flag Nigel Moore5
Flag Jason Moore5
5.Flag Matthew Hamilton4
Flag José Alonso Liste4
Flag Richard Plant4
Flag Tim Bridgman4
Flag Stefan Wilson4
10.Flag Tristan Vautier3
Flag Maxime Jousse3
12.Flag Paul Rees2
Flag Luciano Bacheta2
Flag Jack Clarke2
Flag Kazimieras Vasiliauskas2
Flag Kieran Vernon2
17.Flag Alex Brundle1
Flag Richard Keen1
Flag Adam Foster1
Flag Ramón Piñeiro1

Race starts

1.Flag Richard Plant59
2.Flag Max Snegirev48
3.Flag Luca Orlandi44
4.Flag Jolyon Palmer43
5.Flag Paul Rees40
Flag Jason Moore40
Flag Ash Davies40
Flag Alex Brundle40
Flag Tom Bradshaw40
10.Flag Howard Fuller39
Flag Giuseppe Cipriani39
Flag Jack Clarke39
Flag Adam Foster39
Flag Maxime Jousse39
15.Flag José Alonso Liste36
16.Flag Mark Powell31
17.Flag Ramón Piñeiro26
Flag Ivan Lukashevich26
19.Flag Russell Bolesworth22
20.Flag Tim Bridgman20

Race win percentage

1.Flag Richard Keen66.7%
Flag Josef Newgarden66.7%
Flag Felix Rosenqvist66.7%
4.Flag Tristan Vautier30%
Flag Tim Bridgman30%
6.Flag Tom Bradshaw20%
Flag Stefan Wilson20%
Flag Luciano Bacheta20%
9.Flag Maxime Jousse18%
10.Flag Ramón Piñeiro15.4%
11.Flag Nigel Moore15%
Flag Kieran Vernon15%
Flag Jason Moore15%
14.Flag Jordan Williams14.3%
15.Flag Matthew Hamilton10.5%
16.Flag Jack Clarke10.3%
17.Flag Richard Plant10.2%
18.Flag Kazimieras Vasiliauskas10%
19.Flag Jolyon Palmer9.3%
20.Flag Melroy Heemskerk7.7%
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