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Formula Lista Junior statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Lista Junior between the years 2007 and 2012.


1.Flag Levin Amweg8
2.Flag Pascal Gehring6
3.Flag Michael Lamotte5
Flag Klaus Bachler5
Flag Kevin Giovesi5
Flag Philip Ellis5
7.Flag Christof von Grünigen4
Flag Joel Volluz4
Flag Philipp Frommenwiler4
10.Flag Michael Tinguely3
Flag Dennis Wüsthoff3
12.Flag Andrina Gugger2
Flag Melville McKee2
Flag Jan Schwitter2
Flag Eric Neuber2
Flag Yannick Mettler2
17.Flag Cédric Freiburghaus1
Flag Steve Brodbeck1
Flag Jimmy Antunes1
Flag Freddy Killensberger1


1.Flag Christof von Grünigen13
Flag Levin Amweg13
3.Flag Dennis Wüsthoff11
4.Flag Kris Richard10
5.Flag Jan Schwitter9
Flag Klaus Bachler9
Flag Joel Volluz9
Flag Pascal Gehring9
Flag Kevin Giovesi9
10.Flag Philip Ellis8
Flag Yannick Mettler8
Flag Luigi Stanco8
Flag Michael Lamotte8
14.Flag Melville McKee7
15.Flag Eric Neuber6
Flag Cédric Freiburghaus6
Flag Freddy Killensberger6
Flag Sven Ackermann6
Flag Bernd Herndlhofer6
20.Flag Philipp Frommenwiler5

Fastest laps

1.Flag Levin Amweg11
2.Flag Klaus Bachler6
3.Flag Philip Ellis5
Flag Pascal Gehring5
Flag Joel Volluz5
6.Flag Eric Neuber4
Flag Dennis Wüsthoff4
Flag Måns Grenhagen4
9.Flag Christof von Grünigen3
Flag Michael Lamotte3
11.Flag Andrina Gugger2
Flag Patrick Kaufmann2
Flag Yannick Mettler2
Flag Robyn Lehmann2
Flag Kevin Giovesi2
Flag Jan Schwitter2
17.Flag Sandro Zeller1
Flag Jonas Rodrigues1
Flag David Freiburghaus1
Flag Sven Ackermann1

Pole positions

1.Flag Klaus Bachler10
2.Flag Joel Volluz7
3.Flag Levin Amweg6
Flag Kevin Giovesi6
Flag Philip Ellis6
6.Flag Christof von Grünigen4
Flag Yannick Mettler4
8.Flag Michael Lamotte3
Flag Kris Richard3
10.Flag Sandro Zeller2
Flag Jimmy Antunes2
Flag Jonas Rodrigues2
Flag David Freiburghaus2
Flag Philipp Frommenwiler2
15.Flag Steve Brodbeck1
Flag Cédric Freiburghaus1
Flag Roy Nissany1
Flag Michael Tinguely1
Flag Pascal Gehring1
Flag Sven Ackermann1

Race starts

1.Flag Maurizio Manna42
2.Flag Eric Neuber38
3.Flag Christof von Grünigen30
4.Flag Luigi Stanco29
5.Flag Sven Ackermann24
Flag Andrina Gugger24
Flag Levin Amweg24
Flag Michael Tinguely24
Flag Sandro Zeller24
Flag Dennis Wüsthoff24
Flag Mauro Calamia24
12.Flag Michael Lamotte22
13.Flag Kris Richard21
14.Flag Marcel Felix20
15.Flag Jan Schwitter18
16.Flag Emanuel Garrido17
17.Flag Patrick Kaufmann16
Flag Robyn Lehmann16
19.Flag Florian Schwarzenbilder14
Flag Yannick Mettler14

Race win percentage

1.Flag Pascal Gehring50%
Flag Philip Ellis50%
3.Flag Klaus Bachler41.7%
Flag Kevin Giovesi41.7%
5.Flag Philipp Frommenwiler33.3%
Flag Joel Volluz33.3%
Flag Levin Amweg33.3%
8.Flag Michael Lamotte22.7%
9.Flag Melville McKee16.7%
10.Flag Yannick Mettler14.3%
11.Flag Christof von Grünigen13.3%
12.Flag Michael Tinguely12.5%
Flag Dennis Wüsthoff12.5%
14.Flag Jan Schwitter11.1%
15.Flag Steve Brodbeck8.3%
Flag David Freiburghaus8.3%
Flag Andrina Gugger8.3%
Flag Jimmy Antunes8.3%
Flag Corinna Kamper8.3%
Flag Bernd Herndlhofer8.3%
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