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Formula Le Mans statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Le Mans between the years 2009 and 2010.


1.Flag Nico Verdonck8
Flag Gavin Cronje8
3.Flag Warren Hughes2
Flag Jody Firth2
Flag Samuele Buttarelli2
Flag Jérôme d'Ambrosio2
Flag Mathias Beche2
Flag Valle Mäkelä2
9.Flag Andrea Barlesi1
Flag Alessandro Cicognani1
Flag Gary Chalandon1
Flag Steve Zacchia1
Flag Wolfgang Kaufmann1
Flag Luca Moro1
Flag Damien Toulemonde1
Flag David Zollinger1
Flag Ross Zampatti1
Flag Christophe Pillon1


1.Flag Nico Verdonck11
2.Flag Gavin Cronje10
3.Flag Mathias Beche9
4.Flag David Zollinger8
Flag Valle Mäkelä8
Flag Damien Toulemonde8
7.Flag Gary Chalandon7
8.Flag Christophe Pillon5
9.Flag Luca Moro4
10.Flag Dimitri Enjalbert3
Flag Steve Zacchia3
Flag Dominik Kraihamer3
Flag Andrea Barlesi3
Flag Alessandro Cicognani3
15.Flag Wolfgang Kaufmann2
Flag Natacha Gachnang2
Flag Jérôme d'Ambrosio2
Flag Samuele Buttarelli2
Flag Lionel Robert2
Flag Peter Kutemann2

Fastest laps

1.Flag Dominik Kraihamer4
2.Flag Mathias Beche3
3.Flag David Zollinger2
Flag Nico Verdonck2
Flag Vincent Capillaire2
6.Flag Damien Toulemonde1
Flag Franck Lagorce1
Flag Fabien Rosier1
Flag Jérôme d'Ambrosio1
Flag Samuele Buttarelli1
Flag Warren Hughes1

Pole positions

1.Flag Mathias Beche5
2.Flag Nico Verdonck2
Flag Dimitri Enjalbert2
4.Flag David Zollinger1
Flag Natacha Gachnang1
Flag Jérôme d'Ambrosio1
Flag Samuele Buttarelli1
Flag Edoardo Piscopo1
Flag Vincent Capillaire1
Flag Charlie Hollings1

Race starts

1.Flag Gary Chalandon17
Flag Luca Moro17
3.Flag Damien Toulemonde16
Flag Christophe Pillon16
5.Flag Nico Verdonck15
Flag Dominik Kraihamer15
Flag Mathias Beche15
8.Flag David Zollinger14
Flag Wolfgang Kaufmann14
10.Flag Gavin Cronje12
Flag Valle Mäkelä12
12.Flag Richard Mori11
13.Flag Johan Boris Scheier8
14.Flag Natacha Gachnang7
Flag William Cavailhes7
Flag Thomas Duchene7
17.Flag Dimitri Enjalbert6
18.Flag Andrea Barlesi5
Flag Philippe Haezebrouck5
Flag Francois Desprez5

Race win percentage

1.Flag Jérôme d'Ambrosio100%
Flag Samuele Buttarelli100%
Flag Warren Hughes100%
4.Flag Gavin Cronje66.7%
Flag Jody Firth66.7%
6.Flag Nico Verdonck53.3%
7.Flag Ross Zampatti50%
8.Flag Steve Zacchia20%
Flag Alessandro Cicognani20%
Flag Andrea Barlesi20%
11.Flag Valle Mäkelä16.7%
12.Flag Mathias Beche13.3%
13.Flag David Zollinger7.1%
Flag Wolfgang Kaufmann7.1%
15.Flag Christophe Pillon6.3%
Flag Damien Toulemonde6.3%
17.Flag Luca Moro5.9%
Flag Gary Chalandon5.9%
19.Flag Darren Manning0%
Flag Pascal Ballay0%
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