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Formula Ford Great Britain statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Ford Great Britain between the years 2002 and 2014.


1.Flag Daniel Cammish26
2.Flag Scott Malvern20
3.Flag Callum MacLeod14
Flag Jayde Kruger14
5.Flag Wayne Boyd13
6.Flag Scott Pye12
7.Flag Eric Lichtenstein11
Flag Valle Mäkelä11
9.Flag Duncan Tappy10
Flag Nathan Freke10
11.Flag Nick Tandy9
Flag Josef Newgarden9
13.Flag Antti Buri8
Flag Charlie Donnelly8
Flag Westley Barber8
16.Flag Joe D'Agostino7
Flag James Cole7
18.Flag Harrison Scott6
19.Flag Chrissy Palmer5
Flag Christian England5


1.Flag Harrison Scott40
2.Flag Scott Malvern35
Flag Daniel Cammish35
4.Flag Antti Buri33
5.Flag Nick Tandy28
Flag Jayde Kruger28
7.Flag Valle Mäkelä22
8.Flag Charlie Donnelly21
Flag Joe D'Agostino21
10.Flag Wayne Boyd20
Flag Callum MacLeod20
Flag James Nash20
13.Flag Juan Ángel Rosso19
14.Flag Scott Pye18
15.Flag Westley Barber17
Flag Nathan Freke17
Flag Duncan Tappy17
18.Flag Tim Blanchard16
Flag Ashley Sutton16
Flag Josef Newgarden16

Fastest laps

1.Flag Daniel Cammish21
2.Flag Callum MacLeod19
3.Flag Scott Malvern18
4.Flag Jayde Kruger14
5.Flag Wayne Boyd13
6.Flag Antti Buri12
7.Flag Nick Tandy11
8.Flag Charlie Donnelly10
Flag Ashley Sutton10
Flag Joe D'Agostino10
11.Flag Valle Mäkelä9
12.Flag Josef Newgarden8
13.Flag Westley Barber7
Flag Eric Lichtenstein7
Flag Nathan Freke7
16.Flag Dan Clarke6
Flag James Cole6
18.Flag Jeroen Slaghekke5
Flag Emil Bernstorff5
Flag Harrison Scott5

Pole positions

1.Flag Daniel Cammish23
2.Flag Scott Pye17
Flag Callum MacLeod17
4.Flag Scott Malvern14
5.Flag Antti Buri12
Flag Wayne Boyd12
Flag Nathan Freke12
8.Flag Eric Lichtenstein11
9.Flag Joe D'Agostino8
Flag Jayde Kruger8
11.Flag Nick Tandy7
Flag Westley Barber7
Flag Harrison Scott7
14.Flag Geoff Uhrhane6
Flag Valle Mäkelä6
16.Flag Duncan Tappy5
Flag Jeroen Slaghekke5
Flag James Cole5
19.Flag Ashley Sutton4
Flag Josef Newgarden4

Race starts

1.Flag Philippe Layac98
2.Flag Antti Buri89
3.Flag Luke Williams79
4.Flag Dan de Zille74
5.Flag Daniel Cammish72
6.Flag Linton Stuteley71
7.Flag David Brown68
8.Flag Steve Roberts65
9.Flag Harrison Scott60
Flag Jamie Jardine60
Flag James Abbott60
12.Flag Rogier de Wit58
13.Flag Juan Ángel Rosso57
14.Flag Jake Cook56
15.Flag Yuya Sakamoto54
16.Flag Sukhjit Sandher53
17.Flag Scott Malvern52
Flag Gary Findlay52
Flag Tristan Mingay52
Flag Alexander Jones52

Race win percentage

1.Flag Callum MacLeod58.3%
2.Flag Wayne Boyd52%
3.Flag Duncan Tappy50%
4.Flag Scott Pye48%
5.Flag Eric Lichtenstein47.8%
6.Flag Nathan Freke45.5%
7.Flag Scott Malvern38.5%
8.Flag Daniel Cammish36.1%
9.Flag Josef Newgarden36%
10.Flag Valle Mäkelä29.7%
11.Flag Jan Heylen27.8%
Flag Christian England27.8%
13.Flag Westley Barber27.6%
14.Flag Jayde Kruger27.5%
15.Flag Charlie Donnelly20.5%
16.Flag Nick Tandy20%
17.Flag Ashley Sutton19.2%
18.Flag Ben Clucas18.8%
19.Flag Joe D'Agostino18.4%
20.Flag Peter Dempsey18.2%
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