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Formula BMW UK statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula BMW UK between the years 2004 and 2007.


1.Flag Niall Breen9
2.Flag Marcus Ericsson7
3.Flag Josef Král6
Flag Matt Howson6
Flag Sam Bird6
Flag Oliver Turvey6
7.Flag Ross Curnow4
Flag Stian Sørlie4
Flag Josh Fisher4
10.Flag João Urbano3
Flag Simon Walker-Hansell3
Flag Dean Smith3
Flag Tim Bridgman3
14.Flag James Sutton2
Flag Philip Glew2
Flag Euan Alers-Hankey2
17.Flag Nathan Antunes1
Flag Matt Harris1
Flag Oliver Oakes1
Flag Henry Arundel1


1.Flag Niall Breen18
2.Flag Oliver Turvey17
3.Flag Ross Curnow14
4.Flag Marcus Ericsson13
Flag Philip Glew13
Flag Matt Howson13
Flag Josef Král13
8.Flag Tim Bridgman12
Flag Sam Bird12
10.Flag Henry Arundel11
Flag Stian Sørlie11
12.Flag João Urbano9
Flag Dean Smith9
14.Flag Michael Meadows8
Flag Henry Surtees8
16.Flag James Sutton7
Flag Jonathan Legris7
Flag Euan Alers-Hankey7
19.Flag Simon Walker-Hansell5
Flag Josh Fisher5

Fastest laps

1.Flag Josef Král6
Flag Marcus Ericsson6
Flag Euan Alers-Hankey6
Flag João Urbano6
5.Flag Matt Howson5
6.Flag Stian Sørlie4
Flag Ross Curnow4
Flag Niall Breen4
Flag Oliver Turvey4
Flag Dean Smith4
11.Flag Tim Bridgman3
Flag Sam Bird3
Flag Jordan Wise3
Flag James Sutton3
15.Flag Jonathan Legris2
Flag Philip Glew2
Flag Henry Surtees2
Flag Valle Mäkelä2
Flag Oliver Oakes2
Flag Josh Fisher2

Pole positions

1.Flag Marcus Ericsson11
2.Flag Sam Bird9
3.Flag Niall Breen8
Flag Oliver Turvey8
5.Flag Matt Howson6
6.Flag Stian Sørlie5
7.Flag Josh Fisher4
8.Flag James Sutton3
Flag João Urbano3
Flag Nathan Antunes3
11.Flag Ross Curnow2
Flag Oliver Oakes2
Flag Dean Smith2
Flag Philip Glew2
15.Flag Simon Walker-Hansell1
Flag Euan Alers-Hankey1
Flag Jonathan Legris1
Flag Adrian Quaife-Hobbs1
Flag Tim Bridgman1
Flag Henry Arundel1

Race starts

1.Flag Ross Curnow60
2.Flag Jonathan Legris52
3.Flag Oliver Turvey48
4.Flag Sam Bird40
Flag Stian Sørlie40
Flag Michael Meadows40
Flag Euan Alers-Hankey40
Flag Dean Smith40
Flag Niall Breen40
Flag Matt Harris40
Flag Jordan Wise40
12.Flag Simon Walker-Hansell39
13.Flag Kimiya Sato38
Flag Duarte Félix da Costa38
Flag Daniel McKenzie38
Flag Henry Arundel38
17.Flag Chris Holmes35
18.Flag Matt Howson32
19.Flag Joe Osborne28
20.Flag Philip Glew26

Race win percentage

1.Flag Marcus Ericsson38.9%
2.Flag Josef Král33.3%
3.Flag Niall Breen22.5%
4.Flag Josh Fisher20%
5.Flag Matt Howson18.8%
6.Flag Sam Bird15%
Flag Tim Bridgman15%
Flag João Urbano15%
9.Flag Oliver Turvey12.5%
10.Flag James Sutton10%
Flag Stian Sørlie10%
12.Flag Philip Glew7.7%
Flag Simon Walker-Hansell7.7%
14.Flag Dean Smith7.5%
15.Flag Ross Curnow6.7%
16.Flag Oliver Oakes5.6%
Flag Henry Surtees5.6%
Flag Valle Mäkelä5.6%
19.Flag Euan Alers-Hankey5%
Flag Nathan Antunes5%
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