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Formula BMW Pacific statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula BMW Pacific between the years 2008 and 2010.


1.Flag Richard Bradley7
2.Flag Rio Haryanto6
3.Flag Ross Jamison4
4.Flag Simon Moss3
Flag Carlos Sainz Jr.3
6.Flag Ryuichi Nara2
Flag Sean McDonagh2
Flag Doru Sechelariu2
Flag Axcil Jefferies2
Flag Luiz Felipe Nasr2
Flag Facundo Regalía2
Flag Daniil Kvyat2
13.Flag Óscar Tunjo1
Flag Jordan Oon1
Flag Calvin Wong1
Flag William Buller1
Flag Fahmi Ilyas1
Flag Gary Thompson1
Flag Mihai Marinescu1
Flag Ollie Millroy1


1.Flag Rio Haryanto12
2.Flag Ross Jamison11
3.Flag Gary Thompson10
4.Flag Richard Bradley9
5.Flag Sean McDonagh7
6.Flag Axcil Jefferies6
Flag Simon Moss6
Flag Chris Wootton6
9.Flag Óscar Tunjo5
Flag Daniil Kvyat5
Flag Carlos Sainz Jr.5
Flag Calvin Wong5
Flag Michael Lewis5
14.Flag Melvin Moh4
Flag Fahmi Ilyas4
16.Flag James Kovacic3
Flag Jordan Oon3
Flag Gabby Chaves3
Flag Ryuichi Nara3
20.Flag Facundo Regalía2

Fastest laps

1.Flag Ross Jamison7
2.Flag Rio Haryanto6
3.Flag Simon Moss4
4.Flag Óscar Tunjo3
Flag Richard Bradley3
Flag Gary Thompson3
7.Flag Luiz Felipe Nasr2
Flag Michael Lewis2
Flag Facundo Regalía2
Flag Calvin Wong2
Flag Carlos Sainz Jr.2
12.Flag Tom Blomqvist1
Flag Sean McDonagh1
Flag Yuichi Nakayama1
Flag Jordan Oon1
Flag William Buller1
Flag Akhil Khushlani1
Flag Alexander Sims1
Flag Doru Sechelariu1
Flag Kazeem Manzur1

Pole positions

1.Flag Sean McDonagh5
2.Flag Simon Moss2
Flag Ross Jamison2
Flag Doru Sechelariu2
Flag Richard Bradley2
Flag Rio Haryanto2
Flag Gary Thompson2
Flag Chris Wootton2
Flag Luiz Felipe Nasr2
Flag Facundo Regalía2
Flag Jordan Oon2
Flag Carlos Sainz Jr.2
Flag Daniil Kvyat2
14.Flag Yuichi Nakayama1
Flag Óscar Tunjo1
Flag Dustin Sofyan1
Flag William Buller1
Flag Mihai Marinescu1
Flag Melvin Moh1
Flag Ryuichi Nara1

Race starts

1.Flag Dominic Ang31
2.Flag Calvin Wong30
3.Flag Chris Wootton29
4.Flag Dustin Sofyan26
5.Flag Rio Haryanto20
6.Flag Aditya Patel18
7.Flag Fahmi Ilyas17
Flag Axcil Jefferies17
9.Flag Sean McDonagh16
Flag Ross Jamison16
Flag Melvin Moh16
Flag Imran Shaharom16
Flag Marlon Stockinger16
Flag Gabby Chaves16
Flag Ryuichi Nara16
16.Flag Steel Giuliana15
Flag Gary Thompson15
Flag Muhamad Alif Jafri15
Flag Akhil Khushlani15
Flag Nabil Jeffri15

Race win percentage

1.Flag William Buller100%
Flag Mihai Marinescu100%
3.Flag Facundo Regalía66.7%
Flag Luiz Felipe Nasr66.7%
5.Flag Doru Sechelariu50%
6.Flag Richard Bradley46.7%
7.Flag Carlos Sainz Jr.33.3%
8.Flag Rio Haryanto30%
9.Flag Daniil Kvyat25%
Flag Ross Jamison25%
11.Flag Simon Moss21.4%
12.Flag Ollie Millroy20%
13.Flag Ryuichi Nara12.5%
Flag Sean McDonagh12.5%
15.Flag Axcil Jefferies11.8%
16.Flag Óscar Tunjo6.7%
Flag Gary Thompson6.7%
Flag Jordan Oon6.7%
19.Flag Melvin Moh6.3%
20.Flag Fahmi Ilyas5.9%
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