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Formula BMW Americas statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula BMW Americas between the years 2008 and 2009.


1.Flag Alexander Rossi10
2.Flag Giancarlo Vilarinho7
3.Flag Gabby Chaves5
4.Flag Gianmarco Raimondo3
5.Flag Ricardo Favoretto1
Flag Daniel Juncadella1
Flag Adrien Tambay1
Flag James Kovacic1


1.Flag Gabby Chaves14
2.Flag Gianmarco Raimondo13
Flag Giancarlo Vilarinho13
4.Flag Alexander Rossi11
5.Flag Ricardo Favoretto6
Flag Mikaël Grenier6
7.Flag Maxime Pelletier4
8.Flag Daniel Juncadella3
Flag Adrien Tambay3
Flag Alex Ellis3
Flag James Kovacic3
Flag Michael Lewis3
13.Flag Alexandre Ruiz Filho2
14.Flag David Ostella1
Flag Luiz Felipe Nasr1
Flag João Victor Horto1

Fastest laps

1.Flag Alexander Rossi9
2.Flag Giancarlo Vilarinho7
3.Flag Gabby Chaves3
Flag James Kovacic3
5.Flag Alex Ellis2
6.Flag Gianmarco Raimondo1
Flag Mikaël Grenier1
Flag David Ostella1
Flag Adrien Tambay1
Flag Wilson Philippe1

Pole positions

1.Flag Alexander Rossi10
2.Flag Giancarlo Vilarinho7
3.Flag Ricardo Favoretto3
Flag Gabby Chaves3
5.Flag Gianmarco Raimondo2
6.Flag Mikaël Grenier1
Flag Alex Ellis1

Race starts

1.Flag Gianmarco Raimondo29
Flag Giancarlo Vilarinho29
3.Flag Gabby Chaves17
4.Flag Alexander Rossi15
Flag Ricardo Favoretto15
Flag Mikaël Grenier15
Flag Alexandre Ruiz Filho15
Flag Jorge Andres Gonçalvez15
Flag David Ostella15
10.Flag Wilson Philippe14
Flag Martin Sala14
Flag Barrett Mertins14
Flag João Victor Horto14
Flag Alex Ellis14
Flag James Kovacic14
Flag Michael Lewis14
17.Flag Daniel Vela12
18.Flag Maxime Pelletier11
19.Flag Roberto Garcia9
20.Flag Daniel Juncadella6

Race win percentage

1.Flag Alexander Rossi66.7%
2.Flag Adrien Tambay33.3%
3.Flag Gabby Chaves29.4%
4.Flag Giancarlo Vilarinho24.1%
5.Flag Daniel Juncadella16.7%
6.Flag Gianmarco Raimondo10.3%
7.Flag James Kovacic7.1%
8.Flag Ricardo Favoretto6.7%
9.Flag Maxime Pelletier0%
Flag Mikaël Grenier0%
Flag Alexandre Ruiz Filho0%
Flag Jorge Andres Gonçalvez0%
Flag David Ostella0%
Flag Asad Rahman0%
Flag Doru Sechelariu0%
Flag Mihai Marinescu0%
Flag William Buller0%
Flag Ollie Millroy0%
Flag Velibor Jovanovic0%
Flag Corey Dalenberg0%
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