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Formula BMW ADAC statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula BMW ADAC between the years 2002 and 2007.


1.Flag Sebastian Vettel23
2.Flag Jens Klingmann10
3.Flag Christian Vietoris9
Flag Nico Rosberg9
Flag Maximilian Götz9
6.Flag Nico Hülkenberg8
7.Flag Sébastien Buemi7
8.Flag Michael Devaney4
9.Flag Marco Holzer3
Flag Mika Mäki3
11.Flag Adrien Tambay2
Flag Atila Abreu2
Flag João Urbano2
Flag Martin Ragginger2
Flag Marco Wittmann2
Flag Thomas Holzer2
Flag Robert Kath2
Flag Dominik Jackson2
Flag Daniel Campos-Hull2
Flag Alexandros Margaritis2


1.Flag Sebastian Vettel32
2.Flag Sébastien Buemi26
3.Flag Maximilian Götz24
4.Flag Jens Klingmann19
5.Flag Atila Abreu17
6.Flag Christian Vietoris16
7.Flag Nico Hülkenberg14
8.Flag Nico Rosberg13
Flag Chris van der Drift13
10.Flag Mika Mäki11
Flag Daniel Campos-Hull11
12.Flag Philipp Eng10
13.Flag Michael Devaney9
14.Flag Christian Mamerow8
Flag João Urbano8
Flag Robert Kath8
Flag Nick de Bruijn8
18.Flag Marco Holzer7
Flag Marco Wittmann7
20.Flag Timo Lienemann6

Fastest laps

1.Flag Sebastian Vettel17
2.Flag Sébastien Buemi14
3.Flag Maximilian Götz9
4.Flag Jens Klingmann8
5.Flag Nico Hülkenberg6
6.Flag Mika Mäki4
Flag Michael Devaney4
8.Flag Christian Mamerow3
Flag Christian Vietoris3
Flag Daniel Campos-Hull3
Flag Philipp Eng3
Flag Timo Lienemann3
Flag Martin Ragginger3
Flag Marco Holzer3
Flag Nick de Bruijn3
Flag Atila Abreu3
17.Flag Alexandros Margaritis2
Flag Marco Wittmann2
Flag Andreas Wirth2
Flag Robert Kath2

Pole positions

1.Flag Sebastian Vettel19
2.Flag Nico Hülkenberg9
Flag Sébastien Buemi9
Flag Christian Vietoris9
5.Flag Jens Klingmann8
6.Flag Maximilian Götz6
7.Flag Nico Rosberg5
8.Flag Mika Mäki4
Flag Marco Wittmann4
10.Flag Daniel Campos-Hull3
Flag Nick de Bruijn3
Flag Dominik Jackson3
Flag Reinhard Kofler3
14.Flag Robert Kath2
Flag Michael Devaney2
Flag Adrian Sutil2
Flag Hannes Neuhauser2
Flag Michael Vorba2
Flag Alexandros Margaritis2
Flag Christian Mamerow2

Race starts

1.Flag Natacha Gachnang59
2.Flag Dominik Wasem58
3.Flag Marco Holzer57
4.Flag Jens Höing54
5.Flag Martin Hippe42
6.Flag Robert Kath40
Flag Atila Abreu40
Flag Timo Lienemann40
Flag Tim Sandtler40
Flag Sébastien Buemi40
Flag Christopher Wassermann40
Flag Maximilian Götz40
Flag Henri Karjalainen40
Flag Michael Devaney40
Flag Chris van der Drift40
16.Flag Dominik Jackson39
Flag Sebastian Vettel39
Flag Michael Vorba39
Flag Andreas Wirth39
20.Flag Mario Josten38

Race win percentage

1.Flag Sebastian Vettel59%
2.Flag Alexandros Margaritis50%
3.Flag Nico Rosberg45%
4.Flag Nico Hülkenberg40%
5.Flag Jens Klingmann27.8%
6.Flag Christian Vietoris24.3%
7.Flag Maximilian Götz22.5%
8.Flag Sébastien Buemi17.5%
9.Flag Adrien Tambay11.1%
Flag Marco Wittmann11.1%
11.Flag Thomas Holzer10%
Flag Michael Devaney10%
Flag João Urbano10%
14.Flag Mika Mäki7.9%
15.Flag Daniel Campos-Hull7.7%
16.Flag Martin Ragginger5.6%
Flag Maro Engel5.6%
18.Flag Reinhard Kofler5.3%
Flag Marco Holzer5.3%
20.Flag Dominik Jackson5.1%
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