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Formula Atlantic Championship statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula Atlantic Championship between the years 2001 and 2009.


1.Flag Jon Fogarty8
Flag A. J. Allmendinger8
3.Flag Rafa Matos7
4.Flag Ryan Dalziel6
Flag Jonathan Summerton6
Flag Michael Valiante6
7.Flag Hoover Orsi5
Flag Graham Rahal5
Flag Jonathan Bomarito5
Flag Simona De Silvestro5
11.Flag John Edwards4
12.Flag Ryan Hunter-Reay3
Flag Franck Perera3
Flag David Rutledge3
Flag Katherine Legge3
Flag Charles Zwolsman, Jr.3
Flag Tonis Kasemets3
Flag Andreas Wirth3
19.Flag James Hinchcliffe2
Flag Joey Hand2


1.Flag Ryan Dalziel19
2.Flag Jon Fogarty15
3.Flag Jonathan Summerton14
4.Flag Rafa Matos13
Flag Andreas Wirth13
6.Flag Jonathan Bomarito12
Flag Michael Valiante12
Flag James Hinchcliffe12
9.Flag Hoover Orsi11
10.Flag John Edwards10
Flag Simona De Silvestro10
12.Flag Tonis Kasemets9
Flag A. J. Allmendinger9
Flag Jonathan Macri9
15.Flag Franck Perera8
Flag Charles Zwolsman, Jr.8
Flag Joey Hand8
18.Flag David Martinez Leon6
Flag Graham Rahal6
Flag Andrew Ranger6

Fastest laps

1.Flag Ryan Dalziel8
2.Flag A. J. Allmendinger7
Flag Jonathan Summerton7
4.Flag Carl Skerlong6
Flag Tonis Kasemets6
6.Flag Jon Fogarty5
Flag Charles Zwolsman, Jr.5
Flag Graham Rahal5
9.Flag John Edwards4
Flag Michael Valiante4
Flag Luis Díaz4
12.Flag Ryan Hunter-Reay3
Flag Jonathan Macri3
Flag Rafa Matos3
Flag David Rutledge3
16.Flag Robert Wickens2
Flag Joey Hand2
Flag Antoine Bessette2
Flag James Hinchcliffe2
Flag David Martinez Leon2

Pole positions

1.Flag Jon Fogarty10
2.Flag A. J. Allmendinger9
Flag Rafa Matos9
4.Flag Ryan Dalziel7
5.Flag James Hinchcliffe6
Flag Jonathan Summerton6
7.Flag Charles Zwolsman, Jr.5
8.Flag Graham Rahal4
Flag Jonathan Bomarito4
Flag Simona De Silvestro4
Flag Hoover Orsi4
12.Flag David Rutledge3
Flag Tonis Kasemets3
Flag Andreas Wirth3
Flag John Edwards3
16.Flag Carl Skerlong2
Flag Martín Basso2
Flag Franck Perera2
Flag Ryan Hunter-Reay2
Flag Luis Díaz2

Race starts

1.Flag Jonathan Bomarito45
2.Flag Jonathan Macri36
Flag Alex Figge36
Flag Ryan Dalziel36
5.Flag Simona De Silvestro35
Flag James Hinchcliffe35
7.Flag Eric Jensen33
Flag Tonis Kasemets33
9.Flag Frankie Muniz32
10.Flag Stephan Roy31
Flag Alex D. Garcia31
Flag Joey Hand31
13.Flag Rocky Moran Jr.29
Flag David Martinez Leon29
15.Flag Michael Valiante28
16.Flag Alan Sciuto27
17.Flag Jon Fogarty26
18.Flag Grant Ryley25
Flag Andreas Wirth25
20.Flag Danica Patrick24

Race win percentage

1.Flag A. J. Allmendinger66.7%
2.Flag Graham Rahal41.7%
3.Flag Hoover Orsi38.5%
4.Flag Jon Fogarty30.8%
5.Flag Rafa Matos29.2%
6.Flag Jonathan Summerton26.1%
7.Flag Charles Zwolsman, Jr.25%
Flag Franck Perera25%
Flag Katherine Legge25%
Flag David Rutledge25%
Flag Ryan Hunter-Reay25%
12.Flag Michael Valiante21.4%
13.Flag Ryan Dalziel16.7%
Flag John Edwards16.7%
15.Flag Simona De Silvestro14.3%
16.Flag Antoine Bessette13.3%
17.Flag Andreas Wirth12%
18.Flag Roger Yasukawa11.1%
Flag Jonathan Bomarito11.1%
20.Flag Tonis Kasemets9.1%
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