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Formula ACI-CSAI Abarth statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula ACI-CSAI Abarth between the years 2010 and 2018.


1.Flag Simone Iaquinta7
Flag Patric Niederhauser7
3.Flag Alessio Rovera6
4.Flag Alessandro Perullo5
5.Flag Jorge Bas Viguera4
Flag Brandon Maïsano4
7.Flag Hannes van Asseldonk3
Flag Dario Orsini3
9.Flag Lorenzo Camplese2
Flag Michaël Hêche2
Flag Marco Antonelli2
Flag Raffaele Marciello2
Flag Sergey Sirotkin2
14.Flag Gregor Ramsay1
Flag Michele Beretta1
Flag Andrea Fontana1
Flag Zoël Amberg1
Flag Lukas Moraes1
Flag Gianpaolo Lattanzi1
Flag Riccardo Agostini1


1.Flag Patric Niederhauser14
2.Flag Jorge Bas Viguera12
Flag Alessio Rovera12
4.Flag Santiago Urrutia10
5.Flag Sergey Sirotkin9
Flag Fernando Madera Jr.9
Flag Michele Beretta9
Flag Dario Orsini9
Flag Simone Iaquinta9
10.Flag Alessandro Perullo8
11.Flag Brandon Maïsano7
Flag Michaël Hêche7
13.Flag Raffaele Marciello4
Flag Roman De Beer4
Flag Yoshitaka Kuroda4
Flag Vitaly Larionov4
Flag Maxim Zimin4
Flag Gerard Barrabeig4
19.Flag Hannes van Asseldonk3
Flag Lorenzo Camplese3

Fastest laps

1.Flag Simone Iaquinta8
2.Flag Alessio Rovera7
3.Flag Patric Niederhauser6
4.Flag Alessandro Perullo5
5.Flag Jorge Bas Viguera4
Flag Brandon Maïsano4
7.Flag Maxim Zimin3
Flag Santiago Urrutia3
Flag Dario Orsini3
10.Flag Yoshitaka Kuroda2
Flag Luca Ghiotto2
Flag Marco Antonelli2
13.Flag Hannes van Asseldonk1
Flag Roman De Beer1
Flag Fernando Madera Jr.1
Flag Timmy Hansen1
Flag Riccardo Agostini1
Flag Michele Beretta1
Flag Raffaele Marciello1
Flag Lorenzo Camplese1

Pole positions

1.Flag Alessio Rovera9
2.Flag Alessandro Perullo3
Flag Patric Niederhauser3
Flag Simone Iaquinta3
5.Flag Michaël Hêche2
Flag Jorge Bas Viguera2
Flag Brandon Maïsano2
8.Flag Luca Ghiotto1
Flag Maxim Zimin1
Flag Gerard Barrabeig1
Flag Marco Antonelli1
Flag Riccardo Agostini1
Flag Sergey Sirotkin1
Flag Santiago Urrutia1
Flag Kevin Gilardoni1
Flag Michele Beretta1
Flag Hannes van Asseldonk1

Race starts

1.Flag Simone Iaquinta34
2.Flag Alessandro Perullo29
3.Flag Patric Niederhauser28
Flag Riccardo Agostini28
Flag Michaël Hêche28
6.Flag Antonio Spavone26
Flag Dario Orsini26
8.Flag Lorenzo Camplese25
Flag Mario Marasca25
10.Flag Vittoria "Vicky" Piria24
11.Flag Giorgio Roda23
12.Flag Santiago Urrutia20
Flag Roman De Beer20
Flag Sergey Sirotkin20
15.Flag Gregor Ramsay19
16.Flag Vitaly Larionov18
Flag Sergei Trofimov18
Flag Michele Beretta18
Flag Lukas Moraes18
Flag Alessio Rovera18

Race win percentage

1.Flag Marco Antonelli100%
2.Flag Hannes van Asseldonk50%
Flag Andrea Fontana50%
4.Flag Alessio Rovera33.3%
Flag Denis Nagulin33.3%
6.Flag Brandon Maïsano28.6%
Flag Jorge Bas Viguera28.6%
8.Flag Patric Niederhauser25%
9.Flag Simone Iaquinta20.6%
10.Flag Gianpaolo Lattanzi20%
11.Flag Alessandro Perullo17.2%
12.Flag Raffaele Marciello15.4%
13.Flag Dario Orsini11.5%
14.Flag Sergey Sirotkin10%
15.Flag Víctor Guerin8.3%
16.Flag Lorenzo Camplese8%
17.Flag Gerard Barrabeig7.1%
Flag Robert Visoiu7.1%
Flag Zoël Amberg7.1%
Flag Michaël Hêche7.1%
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