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Formula 3 Germany statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula 3 Germany between the years 1980 and 2014.


1.Flag João Paulo de Oliveira14
Flag Markus Pommer14
3.Flag Norberto Fontana13
Flag Richie Stanaway13
Flag Laurens Vanthoor13
Flag Jörg Müller13
7.Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer12
8.Flag Frédéric Vervisch11
Flag Ho-Pin Tung11
Flag Pierre Kaffer11
Flag Pedro Lamy11
Flag Kris Nissen11
13.Flag Volker Weidler10
14.Flag Tom Dillmann9
Flag Carlo van Dam9
Flag Jimmy Eriksson9
17.Flag Gary Paffett8
Flag Alexander Müller8
Flag Christijan Albers8
Flag Jos Verstappen8


1.Flag Markus Pommer25
2.Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer24
Flag Artem Markelov24
Flag Laurens Vanthoor24
Flag Volker Weidler24
6.Flag Jörg Müller23
Flag Sascha Maassen23
Flag Pierre Kaffer23
Flag Marco Werner23
10.Flag Timo Scheider22
Flag Ho-Pin Tung22
12.Flag Frédéric Vervisch21
Flag João Paulo de Oliveira21
Flag Max Angelelli21
15.Flag Ralf Schumacher20
Flag Stef Dusseldorp20
Flag Jimmy Eriksson20
Flag Wolfgang Kaufmann20
19.Flag Norberto Fontana19
20.Flag Pedro Lamy18

Fastest laps

1.Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer17
2.Flag João Paulo de Oliveira16
3.Flag Marco Werner13
Flag Frédéric Vervisch13
Flag Nick Heidfeld13
6.Flag Markus Pommer12
Flag Pierre Kaffer12
Flag Tom Dillmann12
Flag Laurens Vanthoor12
10.Flag Peter Elkmann10
Flag Volker Weidler10
12.Flag Jörg Müller9
Flag Jimmy Eriksson9
Flag Jos Verstappen9
Flag Ralf Schumacher9
Flag Bernd Schneider9
17.Flag Gary Paffett8
Flag Ho-Pin Tung8
Flag Richie Stanaway8
Flag Sascha Maassen8

Pole positions

1.Flag João Paulo de Oliveira15
2.Flag Laurens Vanthoor14
Flag Jörg Müller14
4.Flag Markus Pommer13
Flag Norberto Fontana13
Flag Volker Weidler13
Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer13
8.Flag Pedro Lamy12
Flag Sascha Maassen12
10.Flag Bas Leinders11
Flag Kris Nissen11
12.Flag Carlo van Dam10
Flag Tom Dillmann10
Flag Richie Stanaway10
15.Flag Pierre Kaffer9
Flag Bernd Schneider9
Flag Peter Elkmann9
18.Flag Jarno Trulli8
Flag Harald Brutschin8
Flag Nick Heidfeld8

Race starts

1.Flag Luca Iannacone116
2.Flag Wolfgang Kaufmann100
3.Flag Pierre Kaffer94
4.Flag Philipp Peter78
5.Flag Christian Abt77
6.Flag Markus Pommer76
Flag Jörg Müller76
8.Flag Sascha Maassen75
9.Flag Wolf Henzler73
10.Flag Marco Werner72
11.Flag Yves Olivier70
12.Flag Tim Bergmeister66
13.Flag Johan Stureson65
14.Flag Steffen Widmann64
15.Flag Max Nilsson63
Flag Peter Wisskirchen63
17.Flag Renè Binder60
18.Flag Stefan Mücke58
19.Flag Max Angelelli56
Flag Franz Binder56

Race win percentage

1.Flag John Nielsen100%
Flag Mika Häkkinen100%
3.Flag Peter Schindler75%
4.Flag Richie Stanaway72.2%
5.Flag Jan Heylen50%
Flag Michele Alboreto50%
Flag Wolfgang Klein50%
Flag Carlo van Dam50%
9.Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer48%
10.Flag Kris Nissen42.3%
Flag Pedro Lamy42.3%
12.Flag Bernd Schneider42.1%
13.Flag Kurt Thiim41.7%
14.Flag Jos Verstappen40%
15.Flag Norberto Fontana38.2%
16.Flag Laurens Vanthoor36.1%
17.Flag Frank Jelinski35.7%
18.Flag Tom Dillmann34.6%
19.Flag Stefan Bellof33.3%
Flag Eric Bachelart33.3%
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