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Formula 3 Germany Trophy statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula 3 Germany Trophy between the years 2005 and 2014.


1.Flag Harald Schlegelmilch14
Flag André Rudersdorf14
Flag Sergey Chukanov14
4.Flag Sebastian Balthasar13
5.Flag Riccardo Brutschin12
6.Flag Michael Klein10
7.Flag Mikhail Aleshin9
Flag Kevin Fank9
9.Flag Marcel Schuler7
Flag Maxim Travin7
11.Flag Dennis Swart6
Flag Marco Oberhauser6
13.Flag Jordi Weckx5
Flag Luca Stolz5
Flag Hubertus-Carlos Vier5
Flag Freddy Killensberger5
17.Flag Daniel Aho4
Flag Christer Jöns4
19.Flag Thomas Amweg3
Flag Bernd Herndlhofer3


1.Flag Luca Iannacone34
2.Flag Maxim Travin22
3.Flag Freddy Killensberger21
4.Flag André Rudersdorf20
Flag Sebastian Balthasar20
6.Flag Jordi Weckx18
7.Flag Marcel Schuler17
8.Flag Simon Solgat16
9.Flag Christer Jöns15
Flag Alexey Karachev15
Flag Harald Schlegelmilch15
Flag Riccardo Brutschin15
Flag Sergey Chukanov15
Flag Michael Klein15
15.Flag Johannes Theobald14
Flag Ronny Wechselberger14
Flag Dominik Kocher14
Flag Mika Vähämäki14
19.Flag Kevin Fank13
20.Flag Bernd Herndlhofer12

Fastest laps

1.Flag Michael Klein16
2.Flag Riccardo Brutschin14
Flag Harald Schlegelmilch14
Flag André Rudersdorf14
Flag Sebastian Balthasar14
6.Flag Sergey Chukanov13
7.Flag Mikhail Aleshin10
8.Flag Shirley van der Lof8
Flag Kevin Fank8
10.Flag Christer Jöns5
Flag Marco Oberhauser5
Flag Freddy Killensberger5
Flag Luca Stolz5
14.Flag Maxim Travin4
Flag Daniel Aho4
Flag Thomas Amweg4
Flag Ronny Wechselberger4
18.Flag Hubertus-Carlos Vier3
Flag Jordi Weckx3
20.Flag Dennis Swart2

Pole positions

1.Flag Michael Klein15
Flag Riccardo Brutschin15
3.Flag Harald Schlegelmilch13
4.Flag Sergey Chukanov11
5.Flag Mikhail Aleshin10
Flag André Rudersdorf10
Flag Dennis Swart10
Flag Sebastian Balthasar10
9.Flag Kevin Fank8
10.Flag Freddy Killensberger6
Flag Christer Jöns6
12.Flag Shirley van der Lof5
13.Flag Luca Stolz4
Flag Maxim Travin4
Flag Marcel Schuler4
16.Flag Daniel Aho3
Flag Johannes Theobald3
Flag Jesse Krohn3
19.Flag Tom Dillmann2
Flag Marco Oberhauser2

Race starts

1.Flag Luca Iannacone165
2.Flag Marcel Schuler38
3.Flag Maxim Travin35
4.Flag Christer Jöns30
5.Flag Sebastian Balthasar26
6.Flag Freddy Killensberger25
7.Flag Dominik Kocher24
Flag Michael Klein24
9.Flag Maximilian Hackl23
Flag Jordi Weckx23
11.Flag Francesco Lopez22
Flag Andreas Germann22
13.Flag André Rudersdorf21
14.Flag Rolf Biland20
Flag Kevin Fank20
Flag Marco Oberhauser20
Flag Ronny Wechselberger20
18.Flag Martin Konrad18
Flag Bernd Herndlhofer18
Flag Simon Solgat18

Race win percentage

1.Flag Mikhail Aleshin90%
2.Flag Riccardo Brutschin80%
3.Flag Harald Schlegelmilch77.8%
Flag Sergey Chukanov77.8%
5.Flag André Rudersdorf66.7%
6.Flag Sebastian Balthasar50%
Flag Daniel Aho50%
Flag Tom Dillmann50%
Flag Ivan Samarin50%
10.Flag Kevin Fank45%
11.Flag Michael Klein41.7%
Flag Luca Stolz41.7%
13.Flag Thomas Amweg37.5%
Flag Jesse Krohn37.5%
15.Flag Tobias Blättler33.3%
Flag Dennis Swart33.3%
17.Flag Marco Oberhauser30%
18.Flag Hubertus-Carlos Vier29.4%
19.Flag Aleksi Tuukkanen25%
20.Flag Jordi Weckx21.7%
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