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Formula 3 Britain National Class statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula 3 Britain National Class between the years 2001 and 2013.


1.Flag Menasheh Idafar18
2.Flag Ryan Lewis17
3.Flag Kotaro Sakurai15
4.Flag Sergio Pérez14
5.Flag Adam Carroll13
Flag Rodolfo González13
7.Flag Richard Goddard12
8.Flag Daniel McKenzie11
Flag Bart Hylkema11
Flag James Cole11
11.Flag E.J. Viso10
Flag Robbie Kerr10
13.Flag Salvador Durán9
14.Flag Gabriel Dias8
Flag Barton Mawer8
16.Flag Karun Chandhok7
Flag Andrew Meyrick7
Flag Adderly Fong7
19.Flag Steven Kane6
Flag Duvashen Padayachee6


1.Flag James Cole29
2.Flag Menasheh Idafar27
Flag Karun Chandhok27
4.Flag Kotaro Sakurai23
Flag Richard Goddard23
6.Flag Ryan Lewis22
7.Flag Barton Mawer21
Flag Duvashen Padayachee21
9.Flag Sergio Pérez19
Flag E.J. Viso19
Flag Steven Kane19
Flag Daniel McKenzie19
13.Flag Jay Bridger18
Flag Rodolfo González18
15.Flag Robbie Kerr17
Flag Gabriel Dias17
Flag Adam Carroll17
18.Flag Christiano Morgado16
Flag Juho Annala16
20.Flag Stephen Jelley15

Fastest laps

1.Flag Menasheh Idafar23
2.Flag Kotaro Sakurai18
3.Flag Ryan Lewis17
4.Flag Rodolfo González16
5.Flag Richard Goddard14
6.Flag Steven Kane12
7.Flag Bart Hylkema11
Flag Sergio Pérez11
Flag Adam Carroll11
Flag Daniel McKenzie11
11.Flag Salvador Durán10
12.Flag Gabriel Dias9
Flag Jay Bridger9
14.Flag Franky Cheng Congfu8
Flag Robbie Kerr8
Flag Zheng Sun8
Flag Matthew Gilmore8
Flag E.J. Viso8
19.Flag James Cole7
Flag Andrew Meyrick7

Pole positions

1.Flag Menasheh Idafar15
2.Flag Sergio Pérez14
Flag Gabriel Dias14
4.Flag Ryan Lewis13
Flag Robbie Kerr13
6.Flag Rodolfo González12
7.Flag E.J. Viso11
Flag Adam Carroll11
Flag Richard Goddard11
10.Flag Kotaro Sakurai10
Flag Bart Hylkema10
12.Flag Salvador Durán9
Flag Jay Bridger9
Flag Andrew Meyrick9
15.Flag Karun Chandhok7
Flag Matthew Gilmore7
Flag Charlie Hollings7
Flag Stephen Jelley7
19.Flag Daniel McKenzie6
20.Flag Clivio Piccione5

Race starts

1.Flag Justin Sherwood70
2.Flag Karun Chandhok49
3.Flag Juho Annala43
4.Flag Harold Primat39
5.Flag Salman Al-Khalifa38
6.Flag Barton Mawer32
7.Flag James Cole30
8.Flag Menasheh Idafar29
Flag Ricardo Teixeira29
10.Flag Kotaro Sakurai28
Flag Richard Goddard28
12.Flag Duvashen Padayachee27
13.Flag Robert Doornbos26
Flag Gavin Smith26
Flag Michael Keohane26
Flag Clivio Piccione26
Flag Matthew Gilmore26
Flag Adam Carroll26
19.Flag Mark Mayall25
Flag Robbie Kerr25

Race win percentage

1.Flag Adderly Fong87.5%
2.Flag Ed Jones83.3%
3.Flag Bart Hylkema73.3%
4.Flag Ryan Lewis70.8%
5.Flag Sergio Pérez66.7%
6.Flag Menasheh Idafar62.1%
7.Flag Rodolfo González59.1%
8.Flag Andrew Meyrick58.3%
9.Flag Daniel McKenzie55%
10.Flag Kotaro Sakurai53.6%
11.Flag Zheng Sun50%
Flag Adam Carroll50%
Flag Mario Moraes50%
Flag Henry Surtees50%
15.Flag Richard Goddard42.9%
16.Flag E.J. Viso41.7%
17.Flag Salvador Durán40.9%
18.Flag Robbie Kerr40%
Flag Gabriel Dias40%
20.Flag James Cole36.7%
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