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Formula 2 Europe statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula 2 Europe between the years 1967 and 1984.


1.Flag Jochen Rindt12
2.Flag Bruno Giacomelli11
3.Flag Mike Thackwell9
4.Flag Jacques Laffite7
Flag Jean-Pierre Jarier7
6.Flag Ronnie Peterson6
Flag Brian Henton6
Flag Emerson Fittipaldi6
Flag Corrado Fabi6
Flag Jonathan Palmer6
Flag René Arnoux6
12.Flag Hans-Joachim Stuck5
Flag Thierry Boutsen5
Flag Jean-Pierre Jabouille5
15.Flag Jean-Pierre Beltoise4
Flag Patrick Depailler4
Flag Beppe Gabbiani4
Flag Michel Leclère4
Flag Jackie Stewart4
Flag Eddie Cheever, Jr.4


1.Flag Mike Thackwell23
2.Flag Brian Henton16
3.Flag Patrick Depailler15
Flag Marc Surer15
5.Flag Jacques Laffite14
6.Flag Eddie Cheever, Jr.13
Flag Jean-Pierre Beltoise13
Flag Jean-Pierre Jabouille13
Flag Jochen Rindt13
Flag Bruno Giacomelli13
11.Flag René Arnoux12
Flag Patrick Tambay12
13.Flag Jonathan Palmer11
Flag Thierry Boutsen11
Flag Corrado Fabi11
Flag Beppe Gabbiani11
Flag Ronnie Peterson11
Flag Jean-Pierre Jarier11
19.Flag Emerson Fittipaldi10
Flag Carlos Reutemann10

Fastest laps

1.Flag Mike Thackwell14
2.Flag Brian Henton12
3.Flag Jochen Rindt11
4.Flag Bruno Giacomelli9
5.Flag Patrick Depailler7
Flag Stefan Bellof7
Flag Jean-Pierre Jabouille7
8.Flag Ronnie Peterson6
Flag Jacques Laffite6
Flag René Arnoux6
11.Flag Jean-Pierre Beltoise5
Flag Derek Daly5
Flag Hans-Joachim Stuck5
Flag Emerson Fittipaldi5
Flag Corrado Fabi5
16.Flag Jacky Ickx4
Flag Jackie Stewart4
Flag Geoff Lees4
Flag Eddie Cheever, Jr.4
Flag Graham Hill4

Pole positions

1.Flag Bruno Giacomelli11
2.Flag Ronnie Peterson10
3.Flag Mike Thackwell9
Flag Jochen Rindt9
5.Flag Patrick Depailler8
Flag Thierry Boutsen8
7.Flag Hans-Joachim Stuck7
8.Flag Brian Henton6
Flag Patrick Tambay6
Flag Jacques Laffite6
Flag Jean-Pierre Jabouille6
Flag Jean-Pierre Beltoise6
13.Flag Stefan Johansson5
Flag Jonathan Palmer5
Flag Michel Leclère5
Flag Emerson Fittipaldi5
17.Flag Derek Warwick4
Flag Corrado Fabi4
Flag Jean-Pierre Jarier4
20.Flag Jacky Ickx3

Race starts

1.Flag Alberto Colombo74
2.Flag Mike Thackwell51
Flag Beppe Gabbiani51
4.Flag Jean-Pierre Jabouille50
5.Flag Brian Henton49
6.Flag Guido Daccò48
7.Flag Christian Danner47
8.Flag Eddie Cheever, Jr.46
Flag Jo Gartner46
10.Flag Michel Leclère43
11.Flag Eje Elgh42
Flag Jean-Pierre Jaussaud42
13.Flag Giancarlo Martini41
14.Flag Patrick Tambay39
15.Flag Tim Schenken37
Flag Patrick Depailler37
Flag Wilson Fittipaldi Jr37
18.Flag Jean-Pierre Beltoise36
Flag Maurizio Flammini36
20.Flag Philippe Streiff35

Race win percentage

1.Flag Jochen Rindt63.2%
2.Flag Bruno Giacomelli44%
3.Flag Jackie Stewart36.4%
4.Flag Emerson Fittipaldi30%
5.Flag Jean-Pierre Jarier28%
6.Flag Jonathan Palmer26.1%
7.Flag Corrado Fabi24%
8.Flag René Arnoux23.1%
9.Flag Jacques Laffite21.9%
10.Flag Hans-Joachim Stuck21.7%
11.Flag Jim Clark20%
Flag Jacky Ickx20%
Flag Ronnie Peterson20%
Flag John Surtees20%
Flag Thierry Boutsen20%
16.Flag Roberto Moreno18.2%
17.Flag Geoff Lees17.7%
Flag Mike Thackwell17.7%
19.Flag Jochen Mass16.7%
20.Flag Derek Daly13%
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