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FIA GT1 World Championship statistics

This page handles statistics for the FIA GT1 World Championship between the years 2010 and 2012.


1.Flag Frédéric Makowiecki12
2.Flag Michael Bartels8
3.Flag Stef Dusseldorp6
Flag Yelmer Buurman6
5.Flag Michael Krumm5
Flag Tomas Enge5
7.Flag Darren Turner4
Flag Maxime Martin4
Flag Marc Basseng4
Flag Andrea Bertolini4
Flag Lucas Luhr4
Flag Markus Winkelhock4
13.Flag Stéphane Ortelli3
Flag Ricardo Zonta3
Flag Frank Kechele3
Flag Laurens Vanthoor3
17.Flag Romain Grosjean2
Flag Thomas Mutsch2
Flag Peter Dumbreck2
Flag Yann Clairay2


1.Flag Frédéric Makowiecki16
Flag Tomas Enge16
3.Flag Marc Basseng15
Flag Michael Bartels15
Flag Markus Winkelhock15
6.Flag Michael Krumm14
7.Flag Darren Turner13
8.Flag Stef Dusseldorp11
9.Flag Yelmer Buurman10
Flag Peter Dumbreck10
11.Flag Richard Westbrook9
Flag Lucas Luhr9
Flag Alexander Müller9
14.Flag Stefan Mücke8
15.Flag Clivio Piccione7
Flag Jamie Campbell-Walter7
Flag Marc Hennerici7
Flag Maxime Martin7
Flag Andrea Bertolini7
Flag Thomas Mutsch7

Fastest laps

1.Flag Maxime Martin6
2.Flag Yelmer Buurman4
Flag Frédéric Makowiecki4
4.Flag Darren Turner3
Flag Tomas Enge3
6.Flag Michael Krumm2
Flag Dominik Schwager2
Flag Oliver Jarvis2
Flag Stefan Mücke2
Flag Toni Vilander2
Flag Peter Kox2
12.Flag Andrea Bertolini1
Flag Alexander Müller1
Flag Xavier Maassen1
Flag Ricardo Zonta1
Flag Bert Longin1
Flag Julien Jousse1
Flag Warren Hughes1
Flag Mike Hezemans1
Flag Oliver Gavin1

Pole positions

1.Flag Darren Turner2
Flag Toni Vilander2
Flag Frédéric Makowiecki2
Flag Maxime Martin2
Flag Dominik Schwager2
Flag Richard Westbrook2
Flag Andrea Bertolini2
8.Flag Marc Hennerici1
Flag José María López1
Flag Stefan Mücke1
Flag Mike Hezemans1
Flag Ricardo Zonta1
Flag Lucas Luhr1
Flag Xavier Maassen1
Flag Markus Winkelhock1
Flag Enrique Bernoldi1
Flag Laurens Vanthoor1
Flag Álvaro Parente1
Flag Andreas Zuber1
Flag Matt Halliday1

Race starts

1.Flag Nicky Pastorelli58
2.Flag Marc Basseng57
3.Flag Frédéric Makowiecki49
4.Flag Tomas Enge48
5.Flag Maxime Martin46
6.Flag Jamie Campbell-Walter40
Flag Peter Kox40
Flag Dominik Schwager40
Flag Enrique Bernoldi40
Flag Peter Dumbreck40
Flag Michael Krumm40
Flag Clivio Piccione40
13.Flag Bas Leinders39
14.Flag Markus Winkelhock38
Flag Darren Turner38
Flag Michael Bartels38
17.Flag Marc Hennerici37
Flag Stef Dusseldorp37
19.Flag Stefan Mücke36
20.Flag Alexander Müller34

Race win percentage

1.Flag Francesco Pastorelli100%
2.Flag Xandinho Negrão50%
3.Flag Yelmer Buurman30%
4.Flag Frédéric Makowiecki24.5%
5.Flag Michael Bartels21.1%
6.Flag Lucas Luhr20%
Flag Romain Grosjean20%
Flag Andrea Bertolini20%
9.Flag Frank Kechele18.8%
Flag Stéphane Ortelli18.8%
11.Flag Ricardo Zonta16.7%
Flag Thomas Accary16.7%
Flag Laurens Vanthoor16.7%
14.Flag Stef Dusseldorp16.2%
15.Flag Jos Menten12.5%
Flag Matt Halliday12.5%
Flag Toni Vilander12.5%
Flag Michael Krumm12.5%
19.Flag Filip Salaquarda11.1%
20.Flag Darren Turner10.5%
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