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Chevrolet Lumina CSV statistics

This page handles statistics for the Chevrolet Lumina CSV between the years 2008 and 2008.


1.Flag Fahad Al Musalam4
Flag Abdul Aziz Al-Ya'eesh4
3.Flag Hamad Al Khalifa2
4.Flag Tarek ElGammal1
Flag Raed Raffii1


1.Flag Abdul Aziz Al-Ya'eesh9
2.Flag Fahad Al Musalam8
3.Flag Tarek ElGammal5
4.Flag Hamad Al Khalifa4
Flag Raed Raffii4
6.Flag Ahmed Hamada3
7.Flag Raed Charawi1
Flag Jacques Levet1
Flag Franco Coscia1

Fastest laps

1.Flag Fahad Al Musalam4
2.Flag Hamad Al Khalifa2
Flag Raed Raffii2
Flag Ahmed Hamada2
5.Flag Tarek ElGammal1
Flag Abdul Aziz Al-Ya'eesh1

Pole positions

1.Flag Tarek ElGammal4
2.Flag Ahmed Hamada2

Race starts

1.Flag Hamad Al Khalifa12
Flag Bandar Al Silmy12
Flag Marwa Al Eifa12
Flag Ahmed Hamada12
Flag Tarek ElGammal12
Flag Adel Shaji12
Flag Fahad Hizam12
Flag Abdul Aziz Al-Ya'eesh12
Flag Husam Al-Saleh12
Flag Fahad Al Musalam12
11.Flag Raed Charawi11
Flag Helmut Fleischmann11
13.Flag Fawaz Algosaibi8
14.Flag Raed Raffii7
15.Flag Christophe Mariot6
Flag Jacques Levet6
17.Flag Jaap Willem Vaandrager5
18.Flag Jordan Grogor2
19.Flag Franco Coscia1
Flag Sherif el Sakkaf1

Race win percentage

1.Flag Fahad Al Musalam33.3%
Flag Abdul Aziz Al-Ya'eesh33.3%
3.Flag Hamad Al Khalifa16.7%
4.Flag Raed Raffii14.3%
5.Flag Tarek ElGammal8.3%
6.Flag Franco Coscia0%
Flag Jordan Grogor0%
Flag Bandar Al Silmy0%
Flag Marwa Al Eifa0%
Flag Helmut Fleischmann0%
Flag Ahmed Hamada0%
Flag Jacques Levet0%
Flag Christophe Mariot0%
Flag Jaap Willem Vaandrager0%
Flag Sherif el Sakkaf0%
Flag Raed Charawi0%
Flag Pablo Redolfi0%
Flag Adel Shaji0%
Flag Fahad Hizam0%
Flag Husam Al-Saleh0%
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