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Champ Car World Series statistics

This page handles statistics for the Champ Car World Series between the years 1983 and 2008.


1.Flag Michael Andretti42
2.Flag Sébastien Bourdais31
Flag Al Unser, Jr.31
Flag Paul Tracy31
5.Flag Bobby Rahal22
Flag Emerson Fittipaldi22
7.Flag Mario Andretti18
8.Flag Danny Sullivan17
9.Flag Alex Zanardi15
10.Flag Cristiano da Matta12
Flag Rick Mears12
12.Flag Dario Franchitti10
Flag Juan Pablo Montoya10
Flag Jimmy Vasser10
15.Flag Adrian Fernández8
Flag Bruno Junqueira8
17.Flag Gil de Ferran7
18.Flag Hélio Castroneves6
19.Flag Kenny Bräck5
Flag Jacques Villeneuve5


1.Flag Michael Andretti98
2.Flag Bobby Rahal82
3.Flag Al Unser, Jr.79
4.Flag Paul Tracy74
5.Flag Emerson Fittipaldi65
6.Flag Mario Andretti50
7.Flag Sébastien Bourdais45
8.Flag Rick Mears40
9.Flag Danny Sullivan39
10.Flag Bruno Junqueira34
Flag Gil de Ferran34
12.Flag Jimmy Vasser33
13.Flag Dario Franchitti32
14.Flag Alex Zanardi28
15.Flag Patrick Carpentier22
16.Flag Adrian Fernández21
17.Flag Cristiano da Matta20
Flag Christian Fittipaldi20
19.Flag Al Unser18
20.Flag Greg Moore17

Fastest laps

1.Flag Michael Andretti38
2.Flag Sébastien Bourdais32
3.Flag Al Unser, Jr.29
4.Flag Bobby Rahal25
5.Flag Emerson Fittipaldi24
6.Flag Paul Tracy19
7.Flag Alex Zanardi18
Flag Mario Andretti18
9.Flag Danny Sullivan17
10.Flag Hélio Castroneves14
11.Flag Rick Mears12
Flag Juan Pablo Montoya12
13.Flag Bruno Junqueira11
14.Flag Jimmy Vasser9
15.Flag Dario Franchitti8
16.Flag Teo Fabi7
Flag Patrick Carpentier7
18.Flag Cristiano da Matta6
Flag Greg Moore6
20.Flag Nigel Mansell5

Pole positions

1.Flag Michael Andretti32
2.Flag Sébastien Bourdais30
3.Flag Rick Mears27
4.Flag Mario Andretti26
5.Flag Paul Tracy24
6.Flag Danny Sullivan19
7.Flag Bobby Rahal17
Flag Emerson Fittipaldi17
9.Flag Gil de Ferran16
10.Flag Juan Pablo Montoya14
11.Flag Dario Franchitti11
12.Flag Nigel Mansell10
Flag Alex Zanardi10
Flag Teo Fabi10
15.Flag Jimmy Vasser9
Flag Bruno Junqueira9
17.Flag Cristiano da Matta8
18.Flag Hélio Castroneves7
Flag Al Unser, Jr.7
Flag Bryan Herta7

Race starts

1.Flag Michael Andretti308
2.Flag Al Unser, Jr.272
3.Flag Paul Tracy262
4.Flag Bobby Rahal255
5.Flag Jimmy Vasser233
6.Flag Emerson Fittipaldi195
7.Flag Mario Andretti185
8.Flag Adrian Fernández179
9.Flag Raúl Boesel172
10.Flag Danny Sullivan168
11.Flag Michel Jourdain, Jr.148
12.Flag Maurício Gugelmin147
13.Flag Scott Pruett145
14.Flag Arie Luyendyk142
15.Flag Patrick Carpentier140
16.Flag Christian Fittipaldi134
17.Flag Alex Tagliani133
18.Flag Rick Mears132
Flag Scott Brayton132
20.Flag Gil de Ferran129

Race win percentage

1.Flag Sébastien Bourdais42.5%
2.Flag Juan Pablo Montoya25%
3.Flag Alex Zanardi22.7%
4.Flag Nigel Mansell16.1%
5.Flag Jacques Villeneuve15.6%
6.Flag Robert Doornbos14.3%
7.Flag Michael Andretti13.6%
8.Flag A. J. Allmendinger12.5%
9.Flag Cristiano da Matta11.9%
10.Flag Paul Tracy11.8%
11.Flag Al Unser, Jr.11.4%
12.Flag Emerson Fittipaldi11.3%
13.Flag Danny Sullivan10.1%
14.Flag Mario Andretti9.7%
Flag Will Power9.7%
16.Flag Rick Mears9.1%
17.Flag Dario Franchitti8.9%
18.Flag Bobby Rahal8.6%
19.Flag Kenny Bräck8.5%
20.Flag Bruno Junqueira7.8%
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