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CASCAR Super Series statistics

This page handles statistics for the CASCAR Super Series between the years 2005 and 2006.


1.Flag Kerry Micks4
Flag D. J. Kennington4
3.Flag Ron Beauchamp Jr.3
4.Flag Don Thomson, Jr.2
Flag Mark Dilley2
Flag Dave Whitlock2
Flag Peter Gibbons2
8.Flag J.R. Fitzpatrick1
Flag Scott Steckly1
Flag Brad Graham1
Flag Jeff Lapcevich1


1.Flag Don Thomson, Jr.9
Flag D. J. Kennington9
3.Flag Kerry Micks8
Flag Ron Beauchamp Jr.8
5.Flag Dave Whitlock7
6.Flag J.R. Fitzpatrick5
Flag Mark Dilley5
Flag Peter Gibbons5
9.Flag Jeff Lapcevich4
10.Flag Scott Steckly3
11.Flag Brad Graham2
12.Flag Robin Buck1
Flag Kenny Habul1
Flag Dave Jacombs1

Fastest laps

1.Flag J.R. Fitzpatrick4
2.Flag Don Thomson, Jr.3
Flag Kerry Micks3
4.Flag Jeff Lapcevich2
5.Flag Peter Gibbons1
Flag Robin Buck1
Flag D. J. Kennington1
Flag Dave Whitlock1
Flag Ron Beauchamp Jr.1
Flag Mark Dilley1

Pole positions

1.Flag Don Thomson, Jr.5
Flag Kerry Micks5
3.Flag D. J. Kennington4
4.Flag Peter Gibbons3
5.Flag Dave Whitlock2
6.Flag J.R. Fitzpatrick1
Flag Mark Dilley1

Race starts

1.Flag Scott Steckly23
Flag Don Thomson, Jr.23
Flag Doug Brown23
Flag Mark Dilley23
Flag Kerry Micks23
Flag Peter Gibbons23
Flag Brad Graham23
Flag Dave Whitlock23
Flag D. J. Kennington23
Flag Ron Beauchamp Jr.23
11.Flag J.R. Fitzpatrick22
Flag Ron Van Es22
13.Flag Jim Lapcevich21
14.Flag Jeff Lapcevich18
15.Flag Dave Jacombs17
16.Flag Bryan Cathcart16
17.Flag John Fitzpatrick15
18.Flag Joe Goncalves14
19.Flag Stu Robinson12
Flag Tara MacLeod12

Race win percentage

1.Flag Kerry Micks17.4%
Flag D. J. Kennington17.4%
3.Flag Ron Beauchamp Jr.13%
4.Flag Don Thomson, Jr.8.7%
Flag Mark Dilley8.7%
Flag Peter Gibbons8.7%
Flag Dave Whitlock8.7%
8.Flag Jeff Lapcevich5.6%
9.Flag J.R. Fitzpatrick4.6%
10.Flag Scott Steckly4.4%
Flag Brad Graham4.4%
12.Flag Pete Shepherd III0%
Flag Jason White0%
Flag Jason Hathaway0%
Flag Shawn McGlynn0%
Flag Joe Goncalves0%
Flag Jim Lapcevich0%
Flag Ron Van Es0%
Flag John Fitzpatrick0%
Flag Dave Jacombs0%
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